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 Re: Catholic Church to Pay $660 Million for Abuse

crsschk said

Assumptions to things not stated nor implied by TJ

To be honest, Mike, tj dropped himself in this by his first comment on the thread. He was 'demonstrating' what I said.

All I have done is challenge the [u]meaning[/u] of his comment, and to probe for [i]any[/i] comprehnsion which could have justified it. Any training or experience he has in these matters, [i][b]all the more justifies a challenge[/i][/b] to his first post.

You have read accusation where there is none. In the light of the respect you now know I have for tj, you might rather read a [i]genuine[/i] amount of [i]incomprehension[/i] from my side, that anyone would even [i]think[/i] what can be inferred from his [i]apparent[/i] (by which I mean, one can only read what has been written) - as you have done of my posts - assumptions.

 2007/7/18 6:36

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