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 Re: I need your prayers.


This a hard thing, I might not of understood what you are going through, with my own family. My broter suffer from it very bad, it went away. he was 25 I think when he got it. Other member of my family have gone through some these things, not fully the same, but prombles with emtions. I know it is hard and makes you weary.
I will pray for you dear sister. Don't lose heart. Prayer is a powerful thing, but the Lord we pray too, Go to the Word!! Go to pray. There have been walls broken down by me praying and praying. My younger brother would yell and yell if I ask him to do something. I would stop and pray then I would pray with him. I would read to him. showing God's word. How anger wasn't good. He dosn't yell as much anymore. But I still pray with them. It seems to be the only thing that works. But it is hard work, I have to be on my knees the whole time I am home. Pray and pray..

Lord I pray for my sister please pour into her life the power of pray for her son. help to have wisdom in every way. Pour your strength. Help her to rest in you. Lord be her rock. May she run to you. You say if we ask for wisdom you will give it, so Lord please show her what to do. amen


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