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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Video of Defenders of the Faith Who Stood Up for Jesus in America's Own Senate 7/11/07

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I think I understand what worm4Christ is trying to say. I just think this brother is missing the point of what happened.

To clarify a little, I think on the following points we would be in total agreement.

1. A morality which is pleasing to God will NEVER be legislated from any government on the face of the earth. All governments are an extension of fallen man, and in the end are hostile to God and His Christ. (Psalm 2) In this present age, which is passing away, we have no continuing city.

2. Alternately, no government has ever, or will ever pass any laws that will successfully stop Christianity. Christ's Kingdom has already defeated the Gates of Hell on the cross. For the last 2000 yrs we've had the priveledge of watching them fall.

I'm not worried a bit about the current view of Christianity by the world. I actually see it as a great opportunity for the testimony of Christ by the Church. Which brings us to what took place in the Capitol. Who's to say God did not put them there for the express purpose of calling out to Him? They didn't travel to D.C. to be arrested. They just wanted to lobby their senators. They didn't even know what took place was going to be broadcast on the internet. They were in the moment, and they played the man. When the testing came they stood.

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To JESUS let's give Him His due--all majesty, all honor, all glory, all thanksgiving. And, that's just getting warmed up.

I'm finding we lose HIM, JESUS in almost every thread.

Most here know and love you LORD, teach us Your ways that they be pleasing to You.

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