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 Saving faith comes to KORN's lead guitarist

My oldest sister is seduced by bands like Korn, so I praise God when I hear things like this.

[url=]Brian Welch interview - Christian Post[/url]

Brad Wright

 2007/7/13 11:06Profile

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Melbourne, Australia

 Re: Saving faith comes to KORN's lead guitarist

Here's a link to [url=]Brian Welch's Website:[/url].

I must admit, at the time of his conversion (which was back in 05) I questioned the authenticity of it. I don't really know how to put it, without sounding overly pedantic, but it seemed like hes "trying" too hard to be a Christian. Kinda like, "Look at me, I'm giving away all my money, and adopting children from third world countries. Aren't you impressed?" Granted, I realise that God alone knows the heart, and I haven't looked in on him for a while now. I hope he's come through.

Aaron Ireland

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 Re: Saving faith comes to KORN's lead guitarist

He is going to be in our area this sunday his testimony....

It would be wonderful if this is a true conversion and God is Glorified.

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Here is an old thread you may like to go through.

[url=] Rocker forsakes band to follow Christ[/url]

Josh Parsley

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