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 Marriage age laws

Below is a current article that is clear might inflence a couple to have premarital sex in order to get create a baby in order to get married without the parents consent. So many other laws reflect the condition of the majority's heart.

Little Rock - A mistake in a piece of new legislation nearly removed the minimum age for marrying in Arkansas.

If left in place, two people could have been allowed to get married--regardless of age.

Right now the age for teens wanting to marry is 17 for males and 16 for females. But that will all change in three weeks.

In what has been called a "technical drafting error," the new law reads: "In order for a person who is younger than 18 and who is not pregnant to obtain a marriage license, the person must provide parental consent. "

It goes onto state, "The clerk may issue a marriage license to a person who is younger than 18 and who is not pregnant after the clerk receives evidence of parental consent."

Representative Will Bond says the word "not" is being stricken, and hopes to make the change before the act becomes law July 31st.

Bond added that the intent of the bill was to equalize the required ages at 18.

(Rep. Will Bond, (D) Jacksonville) "Actually, the idea came from judges, and they have no intent to allow young children to get married…and there are some safeguards in this bill requiring parental consent to get married."

Regardless of the correction in the bill, effective July 31st, the legal age for a teen to get married will be 18 for both males and females.

 2007/7/12 13:20

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