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 Intro messages on Hermeneutics and Exegesis

Hi everyone,

Was wondering if anyone knew of any downloadable video/audio that dealt with the essentials of exegesis and hermeneutics for the use within personal Bible Study.

I'm not really looking for anything too deep, but rather something useful for new believers who are going to be reading the Bible for the first time.

Benjamin Valentine

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 Re: Intro messages on Hermeneutics and Exegesis

maybe you can find something here, its quite long but many shorter good "nuggets" and things to apply to our bible reading/study

[url=]how to get the most from your bible[/url]


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Christian, this is good. Thank you for posting it.
Torrey is one of my favorites.
In our hermeneutics class, we were taught these principles also. That was close to 30 years ago and at that time the Professors were all about 70 yr.s old and retired missionaries who believed in the ''acedemics' of the Word over anything else.

I'd just like to add {notes of understanding to these, knowing & loving Torrey and from what I also was taught}.

Principles of Biblical Interpretation

from Dr. R. A. Torrey’s
The Importance and Value of Proper Bible Study
(New York: George H. Doran Co., 1921), pp. 55-90.

1. Get absolutely right with God yourself by the absolute surrender of your will to Him. {Child-like attitude before our Father}

2. Be determined to find out just what God intended to teach and not what you wish Him to teach. {AMEN}

3. Get the most accurate text. {KJV}

4. Find the most exact and literal meaning of the text. {Amen - Literal always first, wherever possible.}

5. Note the exact force of each word used.{Of "each word" - using a Bible Program that is numbered to the Strong's with Lexicons for each language and even grammar over each word for understanding --- because GOD NEVER uses 'a specific word' haphazardly ... He had to fit all that He needed us to know in just one book that we can lug around. Not one jot or tiddle was placed where it was for no reason. He is perfect so He wrote His Word perfectly.}

6. Interpret the words used in any verse according to Bible usage. {With a good Bible Program, one can look up where that specific Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word was used before and how.}

7. Interpret the words of each author in the Bible with a regard to the particular usage of that author. {This also is true and again, a good Bible Program will have Greek or Hebrew Scholars in it to answer these things}

8. Interpret individual verses with a regard to the context. {AMEN - the chapter before and the chapter following where a verse is found and then in context of the whole of the book}

9. Interpret individual passages in the light of parallel or related passages. {Cross-referencing is essential}

10. Interpret obscure passages in the light of passages that are perfectly plain. {What a joy if all would practice this.}

11. Interpret any passage in the Bible as those who were addressed would have understood it. {Also keeping in mind that there are dual - or more - prophecies that only we in this generation would understand, as it wasn't written for them in their time necessarily or only}

12. Interpret what belongs to the Christian as belonging to the Christian; what belongs to the Jew, as belonging to the Jew, and what belongs to the Gentiles, as belonging to the Gentiles.
{There are very few passages that this would apply to. They are there, but not as many as dispensationalists make of them.}

13. Interpret each writer with a view to the opinions the writer opposed. {All writers were Divinely Inspired, so this would have to be seen in that light nevertheless, it is GOD's Word}

14. Interpret poetry as poetry and interpret prose as prose. {And yet again, All is Divinely Inspired and there are prophecies and instruction for life in both.}

15. The Holy Spirit is the best interpreter of the Bible {Full Amen - but we're commanded to Study and Torrey gave all the how's above.}

Thank you for allowing me to share what I've learned and share here with one of my favorite authors.

Edited to add to # 14

 2007/7/8 11:45

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The Holy Spirit is the best interpreter of the Bible {Full Amen


I enjoyed The Fundamentals.


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Amen TJ, glad we have so much of Torrey here.

And so many Saints here who love HIS Word. :-D.

Guess that's why we're here. Bless GOD!

 2007/7/8 12:02

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Brother Ron(philologos) has a series dealing with the Bible.

You can download it here.

I really enjoyed it.

Josh Parsley

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