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 Prayer for woman with heinous church background


I've got a prayer request. There was a gothic-type of woman named Carrey that I spoke with last night. She seemed troubled at what I was speaking to her about on the street. She was sure that she knew God, yet every other word was a cuss word. She would tell me she was sorry after about every other one. I would then tell her of the new birth and how Christ can deliver her from a filthy heart.

Her "church background" is heart breaking. I don't think I've heard anything like it before; I couldn't help but be moved with compassion towards her.

Long ago her father was a pentecostal. After a few major things happened in his life he began to doubt God and go into the world. In Carrey's later teens, her father decided to "get back to the Lord." They began to attend a church. The church had a woman pastor. Carrey's mother was close to the "pastor" and would always confide in her. Little did she know that the "pastor" was sleeping with her husband. The "pastor" encouraged the two to divorce and I believe they did. Carrey said her mother would wake up every morning at 5am to read the Bible. She did this every day up until the day she put a gun to her head and ended it all.

I can't put it all into words to equate it to if you would have heard her telling this yourself. She is very reluctant about "christians" and "church." Now she is turned away from her background and knows that "my god loves and understands the way I am." As I talked to her you could tell she knew what I was saying was true- that she really didn't have a relationship with God. I could see a definite conflict going on inside of her.

Pray for her if you would.

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Prayer for woman with heinous church background

It is stories like this that makes one wish the LORD would approve of the church to apply the "millstone therapy" to such offenders. But he didn't and so we must be content with the fact that only He alone has the right to do so. In the meantime, we can only grieve and pray for this lady. I pray for her and you as well. This is so sad...I can hardly get over it.


Sandra Miller

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