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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pres. Tommy Thompson? Election Bid Raises Specter of RFID Implant Threat

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LORD Bless you W4Christ - not just for this post on this thread, but others I've been watching you on.

You have much to share, but I found it's best to stay on threads where one can agree ---- 'that' becomes good fellowship and mutually benefitting.

You have much to share, but will be stiemed on threads where there is discord on belief issues.

Let him use you while we still have time to exhort & warn & minister to HIS Saints.

Just an exhortation, not a command from a woman.

His Love.
sister annie

 2007/7/8 11:15

 Re: Pres. Tommy Thompson? Election Bid Raises Specter of RFID Implant Threat

I will only post this one post (I won't reply, I promise)

Has it been confirmed by the Holy Spirit that this Verichip is the actual mark of the beast that is depicted in Revelation? Or is it still mere speculation? And if confirmed, can you give sources from reputable men and/or women?

I am not mocking, I am asking questions.

 2007/7/8 12:18


Hi Compliments, if you don't believe in a coming anti-Christ, how can we answer you ?

I can only reply as I did to you on the other Chip thread about the "Data-bank" article I posted.

The chip will have all of your data in it ... medical, etc, etc, besides being trackable through GPS.

I don't know what else to say, as I've said, if you don't believe in "that man of perdition" that I posted about on this previous page.


Edit: P.S. WHEN it is the only means by which a man can "buy & sell" will you then maybe change your view.
I'm praying for you that you will. With His Love.

 2007/7/8 12:23

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