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I am an EMT and have spent plenty of time in hospitals.

I was wanting to know if God told you this…or just some mortal man that has not walked on water, raised the dead, turned water to wine…

As for me and my house, we will listen to God. God is the starter of heartbeats.

Man is not to stop them.

No matter what doctors says.


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tj, I wasn't sure if you were addressing me in this last post you did.

Brother, do you know what a falopian tube is ?

Can a baby come to full term inside of one ?

I am strongly anti-abortion and have stated that clearly now on these two threads, so I'm not sure what you are saying about a baby that did not make it down to the womb but is attached to a falopian tube, at which point the entire tube had to be removed and I told you about my emotional reaction to that.

What would you have done if this happened to your wife ?

Once a child is in their mother's womb, I think I've expressed clearly enough how I feel about killing any baby. My baby in the tube would have died within hours once the tube exploded.

Are you condemning me ?

I just need to know.

 2007/7/8 19:32

Joined: 2006/8/25
Posts: 1658
Indiana USA


Sister, I am in no position to condemn you or anyone.

I understand all aspects of pregnancy and the internal workings of the human body.

I have a question.

Do you know how to walk on water?

I don’t either, but I serve the one true living God and He does. My understanding does not matter.

I cannot count the times I have brought people into the ER that should be dead.

The doctors could find no medical explanation why they lived.

They call it a miracle.

I believe in miracles.

Do you believe God can do anything?

I do…and if I had a wife I would hope that she would have sufficient faith to trust in Him.


I am not trying to re-hash your past. I am just writing about the now.


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 Re: not for women only

From the original post;

In the thread entitled Are Women Totally Forbidden to Teach?, Forrest has requested a new thread before posting on this sensitive subject, to which I had asked an answer from the brethren, on how they would deal with the choice between the life of the baby and its mother, or, would they choose to lose both?

I have suggested that God did not leave us a choice between one murder or two, when the means to save at least one life is available.

EDIT: It is clear from the Old Testament, that God makes a difference between sorts of killing.

In the paragraph first above, I am not now stating that I accept abortion is 'murder'. But, there is therapeutic abortion today, because doctors [i]did[/i] used to have to 'kill' babies who [u]may[/u] have survived if they could have been born without killing the mother [u]or[/u] whose fatal abnormality was not detected until during [i]labour[/i]. EDIT end.

I am at great pain to even codify some sort of response to all of this. The question itself is an absurd one as a hypothetical, it is apparent that this is an exercise of the intellect over an anguish of an incident. What different tone might all this take if it was someone of our number in such an anguished position.

How, I ask with indignation can you possibly make something of a life or death matter a mere question for fodder of opinion when any number of possible extenuating circumstances are possible?

But that is hardly the problem here as much as the revealing of answers and almost clinical response ... it was earlier stated that this indeed is a 'playing God' that is repulsive and diabolical.

What this does amount to is a complete breakdown in faith, unbelief and trust in the living God. To take matters into our own hands even by these insinuations as a supposed hypothetical is down right frightening for a supposed Christian to be entertaining ...

This whole thing is littered with the humanism of the hour, the philosophies of the feminist movement, pragmatism, quasi-psychology, worldly methods and thinking that it is not even possible nor worth the bother trying to sort out which;

I see the belief that all termination of pregnancy is murder, restricts the options available to this woman's attendants.

but as an exception to a rule on murder, if indeed murder is the term.

Oh dear God to just go back through all this to excerpt these comments ...

No, it is enough, it is far too much, I pray the Lord will open the eyes and hearts and minds. This penchant for dissecting 'exceptions' and ... I am just aghast at all this. There is nothing here worthy of the Lord nor any scriptural notations whatsoever to these far fetched notions and assumptions.

Two quotes to leave this with;

This conversation causes me to pause cautiously concerning the light that I believe is in me. If experienced saints can be so off-balance on an issue of this importance...then all of us should take care. These days we need to hold fast and tight to the scriptures and measure our thoughts and actions by the bible's most simple and bold proclamations...without our learned guile or shrewdness.

I care for the saints in this thread, and know their quality is beyond compare. They know I have learned more from them then they will ever from me. Yet we, God's people, are so weary from the spinning compasses of human reasoning and just so needful for God's direction. We look for relief in loopholes..but alas unless we accept Jesus' yoke alone, and not that of some obstetrician, our deceitful thoughts tend to run away with us, exausting us, and making our hearts unstable and double-minded. For this cause I must strongly object to all of this gnat straining and camel swallowing they would have for us.

I have been told that when an abortionist enters the uterus with a currette, the baby will try to move away from this intruder. So a nurse will put pressure on the abdomen to steady the child so the doctor can more easily kill it. Does this sound like something Jesus would have his children participate in? When I first heard this it just about made me physically ill.

BTW, science is now telling us that a fetus has a heighten sense of pain. So not only are you killing it, the child suffers immense pain.


It is enough. This thread will be locked. May the Lord rebuke.

P.S. Don't bother to write me.

Mike Balog

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