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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Charismatic Chaos "Does God do miracles today?" - MacArthur

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No disagreements with what you said, brother. But again:

But pure theology without the presence or power of God brings about death.

This was my point, and the point Mr. Washer was making in the statements that I presented. No one was trying to compare one Christian with another, or decide who God would use. The reason Washer said he would take 1 Ravenhill over 20 dead calvinists is because he himself is a Southern Baptist and Ravenhill was from the holiness pentecostal movement. Although Washer disagreed with him on a great many points of doctrine, he knew Leonard Ravenhill was a man with the presence and power of God in his life, and would prefer him over dead theologians any day. To a large degree this is what I was refering to.

But what MacArthur seemed to be saying was that God would only authenticate Himself with signs to those who had the most theologically accurate knowledge, and as I showed, that is just not true.

And I can definately relate with what you said about prayer. I was the same way in bible college. Though I earnestly sought the Lord, at times I was full of the spirit of religion. It wasn't so much the seeking the Lord that made me that way, it was the pride in ME that I hadn't surrendered. Oh, the horrible self-sins! They are the hardest to kill. :-(

But by His grace He is changing me and replacing that pride with His love.

I desire to daily be filled with His Spirit, His Word, and His LOVE.

 2007/7/3 0:34Profile


But by His grace He is changing me and replacing that pride with His love.

Same here bro...

 2007/7/3 8:31

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