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 THE ATTRACTION OF THE CROSS - by Gardiner Spring, 1845.

Christian reader! call your thoughts and affections often around the cross. Let it ever be your refreshment and joy. He "that lives and was dead," and is "alive forevermore,'' has said—what has he said—"BECAUSE I LIVE, YOU SHALL LIVE ALSO!" I do not know a more delightful assurance in all the Bible than this. Oh, it is a touching thought, that the death was his, and the life is yours; his the sorrows, the weeping—yours the relief, the smiles, the joy; his the agony, the shame, the curse—yours the pardon, the honor, the glory, the immortality; his, too, the restored life, the life that shall never die—yours, to live and reign forever with the Lord! Be your pilgrimage long or short, never pitch your tent but in sight of the cross. More and more will it be to you the "pearl of great price," your glory, and the crown of your rejoicing. More and more will you rest upon it the whole burden of your sins, and the whole weight of your eternity, and, with a confidence alike humbled and cheerful, ascribe present and unceasing honor to Him who was "lifted up from the earth." Say of it—

"The cross my all,

My theme, my inspiration, and my crown!
My strength in age, my rise in low estate!
My soul's ambition, pleasure, wealth,

my world!

My light in darkness, and my life in death!
My boast through time—bliss through eternity,
Eternity too short to speak its praise!"

excerpt from this book

[url=]The Attraction of the Cross by Gardiner Spring[/url]


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