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Leamington, Ontario

 Isaac Newton's End Time Prediction

Very interesting. Let's just not let ourselves rely on it so much that we will, in the end, be deceived.

 2007/6/21 19:38Profile

 Re: Isaac Newton's End Time Predicton

Amen brother. If he had predicted 2007 or even 2020 as some lately have, very few would want to hear it and would lump this together with all the rest of the "date setters" that have gone by.

The appeal is, "wow, that gives us another 45 years ... now I can handle that."

Just because he was a Christian Physicist/Scientist, does that gives him more exegetical abilities than just plain ol' us, with the aid of the promised Spirit of Truth?

Don't get me wrong, I love using his name when I do talk to scientists and physicists, but date-setting is only for those living in "those days" as Daniel wrote.

We just don't want to believe the fact that we are in "those days". It's hitting us right between the eyes and we refuse by any means possible to see it.

He said, He's returning for those who Long for or love His appearing ... and John ended by saying, Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

I have to ask, Why do we not want Him to return - yet ?

The more the signs of the times come, the closer we are to His Final Return.

Personally, that Blessed Hope is all I live for.

 2007/6/21 20:46

 Re: Isaac Newton's End Time Predicton

If the angels and even Jesus didn't know the date, I somehow doubt Newton knew it.

 2007/6/21 22:01

 Re: without calculator - HA.

Corey, etc., Thanks for not making fun at my math up there. :-?

 2007/6/22 20:43


Corey, etc., Thanks for not making fun at my math up there.

Um... I wasn't making fun of anyone but Newton. I answered the heading, not your post... Why does everyone tiptoe around poor 'ol Corey? Why? I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!!! WHY???

Just kidding.

Back to serious discussion: According to the Mayan Calender, the world ends in 2012...


 2007/6/22 22:10

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 Re: Mayan Calender

Yes, but does anyone know why they thought that?

They weren't datesetting...they knew nothing, that we know of, about Christ, much less the Prophets, Psalms, and the NT, particularly Revelation.

Oooh, but wouldn't it be nice? And terrible.

Even so, come quickly Jesus!


Is that what you wanted? 8-)


Forrest Anderson

 2007/6/23 0:13Profile



Don't get me started, tough guy... (makes growling noises like a dangerous animal)

 2007/6/23 0:20

 Re: Isaac Newton's End Time Prediction

Yes, but does anyone know why they thought that?

Some stars line up in a new way.

Seriously, I know an elderly gentleman who also has done the math from scripture only, and he gets to within a couple of decades of Newton, for the Lord's return, but understanding that we [i]don't[/i] 'know' because we don't - and won't, exactly.

 2007/6/23 5:19


"It may end later, but I see no reason for its ending sooner," Newton wrote. However, he added, "This I mention not to assert when the time of the end shall be, [b]but to put a stop to the rash conjectures of fanciful men who are frequently predicting the time of the end[/b], and by doing so bring the sacred prophesies into discredit as often as their predictions fail."

This prediction calculating is still going on today. And we can also lump Isaac Newton in the same boat as he too was date setting. We say the good ole days are better, were they?

It would seem that Isaac Newton was putting the end of the world way off in the future to silence those who were saying that end was near. There have been other thinkers like the Millerites who also calculated Daniels numerals and their conclusion was 1844.

Newton's 2060 is quite a stretch. Daniels calculations fall short of any dates beyond the 19th century, if one believes that what Daniel was writing about was years and not something else.

Calculations after calculations have been made throughout the centuries and not one ever came to pass and not one has ever figured it out. Thesis, theories, and thought has been put into date setting that we have become a laughing stock. No one really knows. Now everyone will laud Newton for years to come until 2060 and nothing will happen. 2070, 2080 and so on, and men will still be here, preaching the gospel and flying around in hovercars.

 2007/6/23 8:39


Ha, Corey ~ you're a funny one and I like humor.
Comic Relief ~ Amen!

I think you misunderstood me though --- that was a "sincere - Thank You" because I said, "that gives us 45 more years" ... and that was a mistake because I didn't use my "calculator" ... so it was a Duh! on my part ... but I thought, gosh they are being merciful to me, not pointing that error out. I should'a done better and did my 'ritmatic. It's 53 years, not 45 ... Calculator stills works -- brain doesn't.

Hey, I only growled on one thread ... you can growl all that you want ... I'm a strong believer in freedom of expression ... for anyone ... Members and Congregants.

Just a little hard on the top guys, cuz I've been in far too many fellowships. Far too many.
But the Body I'm in now, understands me and still accepts me. VERY Merciful folks. I wasn't used to that.

Thanks for understanding. Growl all ya want brother. :-D

 2007/6/23 12:51

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