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 A forgotten servant, remembered

This weekend I found myself engaged in a witness encounter and as I was bringing the gospel forth and relating it to what Christ has done in my life, I remembered a dear servant though I don’t know him or his name, the memory was vivid and I pray the Lord uses this event in the lives of many others.

When I was in college & in a lost condition, I was with a few friends indulging in the sinful & worldly life style of 7th floor dorm life, & there came a knock at my door, it was a guy standing there with a couple of full trash bags. He proceeded to ask me if I needed my trash taken out. I thought this was rather strange being that I had been there for a while and never noticed maintenance or cleaning do such a thing. I turned immediately to get it before he changed his mind (because this was a constant hassle) but I stopped because of curiosity, that a mere stranger would do this & asked him why (I thought there was a catch, Amway etc..). He said that he was doing this as an act of service to show the love of the savior Jesus Christ. His reply changed my course of action and I no longer cared to have this man to do anything for me, & I told him I could do it myself, NO THANKS. My roommate quickly interrupted and attempted (jokingly) to take full advantage of this without hesitation and franticly started to clean the room & pile on more than just the corner bag. I just stood there fearful of what the gentleman at the door would see in our room and in our garbage. I had a strange sense of conviction and felt a deep guilt over me. The man gathered the bags my roommate handed him (the trash I refuse to let him bear) said thank you & headed to the next room. I shut the door, tried to shake off the feelings, and join in on the ridicule of what a fruitcake that guy was but deep in my heart I knew he was a bearer of the truth.
(though this wasn't a decisive moment in my conversion, 3 years later I would become a fruitcake to these friends also)

I have taken lesson that my service in Christ doesn’t have to be a grand event and a great preaching service to thousands (though it could be) but rather a daily discipline to do even the smallest of services for & to the glory God & to look for the small opportunity such as this dear unknown servant & laborer of the harvest.

I had largely forgotten this event but during the course of telling another of the way I pointed my finger in the face of Christ & God as to say:
I WILL NOT HAVE THIS MAN TO RULE OVER ME, this story came to light.
There are many parallels to the gospel through this event that I will leave the SI crowd to ponder, but isn’t wonderful that even the smallest act & service for God, can produce such a decisive moment in the hearts of men.

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 Re: A forgotten servant, remembered

Lord Bless you for sharing this. The verse that immediately came to mind with your humble testimony is ... Rom 2:4 Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

Yes, you did well for us to post this.

Thank you brother. GOD Bless!

 2007/6/18 12:18

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 Re: A forgotten servant, remembered

Nothing is mediocre when it’s done for God, Everything that you do – do it as unto the Lord. ;-)

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