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 Who are we trying to fool

Dear brothers and sisters,

Last night I met a man who grew up as a "Pentecostal", or what he called pentecostal. From the things he said it sounded like these were people who handled snakes and that sort of thing. But whatever the case he was convicned that religon was nothing more than a buisness. He talked about how he used to handle the offerings and some of the things he saw as a child.

It seemed as though his experiences with the church had left him very disillusioned with the Bible and the things of God.

And I think, how many are there, out there, like him. And what has been the toll of all the ruinous abuses of the Holy things of God?

As I went on my way to go home last night I noticed the sign on one of the churches as I passed by. The sign, perhaps anouncing today's message, read(though I have added the color)

"[b][color=990000]Who are we trying to fool[/color][/b]?"

I put this here in the Articles & Sermons section because I happened to listen to this message again this morning, and as I reflected upon it, and upon these things, I felt as though it was all connected. And so I recommend it to you all.

[url=]The Anointing of God[/url]

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/6/17 15:05Profile

 Re: Who are we trying to fool

"Who are we trying to fool?"

Besides myself, I wonder how many more on this site are fooling themselves and are willing to admit it? We 'think' we got it together, but we don't. If we had the answer, this world should be turned upside down by now. All we are doing is riding on the coat tail of revivals that have long since gone. We are like children repeating what our elders have said. We really don't know what were doing. We are educated up to wazoo, for what? What purpose is head knowledge if we are only fooling our hearts?

Dear God in heaven, how I long to be stupid again. With just YOU and me and a bible.

 2007/6/17 17:57

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Just like the church of Laodicea we say that we are rich and have wealth and do not need a thing. But really we are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.


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I have an old friend who wrote me an email, recently, and let me know she's a Christian. As I read what she wrote to me, it was abundantly clear to me that she has pulled different things from different religions and twisted them to suit her lifestyle....and called herself "Christian".
She went on to write that hell & Heaven aren't real places, they're more-or-less "a state of mind".

When I think of people like this, it leaves me depressed. At a point in time, they had golden opportunities to learn the Truth and grow in the Truth; and they traded their robes for rags.

I fool myself everyday. I look at a wrong reactions that I give to my husband, and what are they based on? An injured emotion. I didn't get "my rights" fulfilled.
As a Christian, I'm learning; we don't have "rights", we have RESPONSIBILITIES.

For those who are walking through the valley of humiliation & death at this point in not despair because this is refinement. This is where I am at in my walk...and several sinful habits & patterns are being put to death, and it is very humbling.

The difficulties in the Christian's walk are the reasons that a lot of people, like my old friend, leave the Straight & Narrow and make up their own belief system. People do not see the hope & the joy of overcoming in Christ. Not only that, people are way too proud to admit they need to be dependent on God. Too rebellious to submit to His Authority.

We need to keep in the front of our minds the reward of Heaven. What's here on earth is going to pass away; all of it. We need to live for our home in Heaven with our Lord that will never pass away.

"Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on me. Break me, melt me, make me, mold me."


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Joined: 2006/2/11
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Philadelphia PA


Thank you all for what you shared.

CYH717, that was encouraging. And Compliments, I feel what you are saying. And Steve too.

In need of God with you,


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/6/18 16:01Profile

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