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 What is a Sect?

In a little tract entitled “Sects,” written by the founder of the Free Methodist sect, who signs his name, Rev. B. T.
Roberts, the following definition is given:

“The word ‘sect’ is from the Latin secare, to cut off, to separate. The word section is from the same root. Hence
a section is a portion cut off, or separated from a body of which it forms a part. A sect of Christians is a part of the entire
Christian body, separated from the rest by some peculiar doctrines or tenets which they hold exclusively, or to which they
give especial prominence. This we believe is a fair definition of the word sect, as commonly used by those who know
the meaning of the words which they use.”

This we confess is a true definition and explanation of the word sect. But how any man of ordinary intelligence
can thus correctly define sects as separate, cut-off portions from the body of Christ, by some exclusive party doctrines
and then turn around and say it is right thus to sever the general body of Christ into fragments, is a mystery of iniquity.
It well demonstrates the fact that a heretic (i. e., sectarian) is subverted and sinneth. To justify and sanction such schisms
from the general body is to sin against God, and utterly disregard His Word. By Daniel Sidney Warner


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 Re: What is a Sect?

Webster's ~
SECT, n. [L. Sp. secta; from L. seco, to cut off, to separate.]

1. A body or number of persons united in tenets, chiefly in philosophy or religion, but constituting a distinct party by holding sentiments different from those of other men. Most sects have originated in a particular person, who taught and propagated some peculiar notions in philosophy or religion, and who is considered to have been its founder. Among the jews, the principal sects were the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. In Greece were the Cynic sect, founded by Antisthenes; and the Academic sect, by Plato. The Academic sect gave birth to the Peripatetic, and a Cynic to the Stoic."

I asked the Lord a long time ago, why that in John Chpt 17 that we weren't "one as he and the father are one" - I couldn't understand why it's taken so long for that prayer of JESUS to be answered by The Father.

Ha. I believe in child-like relationship with Him, so ask Him a lot of stupid questions like that.

He said, "Y'all [u]will[/u] be".

I said, "Ohhhhh !"

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