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 2 Katz' Updates -- "Urgent Prayer Requested"

June 14, 2007

Art's health remains stable, with no major changes happening this past week.

On Monday June 11th Art’s physician told him that he was at the “11th hour” in terms of the severity of his disease progression.

As posted previously, Art's body has developed an immunity to Prednisone, so this medication is loosing its potency. At the advice of his primary doctor, Art started taking the medication cyclophosphamide, an chemotherapy type drug that has had some success with people with polyarteritis nodosa in slowing the disease down and quieting some of the symptoms.

As always, entreating your fervent intercession,

Ben Israel Fellowship

June 15, 2007 (9:00 AM Central Time)

Urgent Prayer Request

Art's health took a drastic turn during the night. He woke up this morning with terrible weakness, to the point where taking a couple steps left him completely exhausted. He could not even stand upright by himself.

He is currently en route to Bemidji Hospital for medical attention.

We will post a more indepth report later.


Katz seems really close to death. And this happening around the time the fellowship place got burned down.. it seems like something is just plain wrong, in some respect that I am not sure of.

I really am surprised that he consented to the chemotherapy though... and wish he hadn't. It seems that is taking its toil.


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 Re: 2 Katz' Updates -- "Urgent Prayer Requested"

When the last thread was posted, I couldn't reply because Is. 57:1 & 2 came to mind and I was fearful to post it, thinking some would think I wasn't praying for Art to recover, but I've been praying for whatever is best for Art and for HIS Glory.

I'll post it now.

Isa 57:1 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.
Isa 57:2 He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.

John Gill's exposition on these verses ....

"Isa 57:1 - The righteous perisheth, The Targum is, "and no man lays my fear to heart;'' or on his heart; whereas such providences should lead men to fear the Lord, and seek to him, and serve him, as it did David, Psa_12:1,

and merciful men are taken away; or "gathered" (c); out of the world, to their own people, to heaven; these are such who obtain mercy of the Lord, and show mercy to others, holy good men: the former character may respect the righteousness of Christ imputed to them, this his grace implanted in them, discovered by acts of mercy and goodness; for one and the same persons are intended:

none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come; that there are evil times coming, great calamities, and sore judgments upon men; and therefore these righteous ones are gathered out of the world, and are gathered home, and safely housed in heaven, that they may escape the evil coming upon a wicked generation; and who yet have no thought about it, nor are they led to observe it as they might, from the removal of good men out of the world; see [b]2Ki_22:20[/b].
(b) הצדיק אבד, απωλετο, Sept. (c) נאספים "colliguntur", V. L. Munster, Piscator, Cocceius; "congregantur", Pagninus."

Matthew Henry says ...

Isa 57:1-2 -
"The prophet, in the close of the foregoing chapter, had condemned the watchmen for their ignorance and sottishness; here he shows the general stupidity and senselessness of the people likewise. No wonder they were inconsiderate when their watchmen were so, who should have awakened them to consideration. We may observe here,
I. The providence of God removing good men apace out of this world. The righteous, as to this world, perish; they are gone and their place knows them no more. Piety exempts none from the arrests of death, nay, in persecuting times, the most righteous are most exposed to the violences of bloody men. The first that died died a martyr. Righteousness delivers from the sting of death, but not from the stroke of it. They are said to perish because they are utterly removed from us, and to express the great loss which this world sustains by the removal of them, not that their death is their undoing, but it often proves an undoing to the places where they lived and were useful. Nay, even merciful men are taken away, those good men that are distinguished from the righteous, for whom some would even dare to die, Rom_5:7. Those are often removed that could be worst spared; the fruitful trees are cut down by death and the barren left still to cumber the ground. Merciful men are often taken away by the hands of men's malice. Many good works they have done, and for some of them they are stoned. Before the captivity in 'Babylon' perhaps there was a more than ordinary mortality of good men, so that there were scarcely any left, Jer_5:1. The godly ceased, and the faithful failed, Psa_12:1.
II. The careless world slighting these providences, and disregarding them: No man lays it to heart, none considers it. There are very few that lament it as a public loss, very few that take notice of it as a public warning. The death of good men is a thing to be laid to heart and considered more than common deaths. Serious enquiries ought to be made, wherefore God contends with us, what good lessons are to be learned by such providences, what we may do to help to make up the breach and to fill up the room of those that are removed. God is justly displeased when such events are not laid to heart, when the voice of the rod is not heard nor the intentions of it answered, much more when it is rejoiced in, as the slaying of the witnesses is, Rev_11:10. Some of God's choicest blessings to mankind, being thus easily parted with, are really undervalued; and it is an evidence of very great incogitancy. Little children, when they are little, least lament the death of their parents, because they know not what a loss it is to them.
III. The happiness of the righteous in their removal.

1. They are taken away from the evil to come, then when it is just coming, (1.) In compassion to them, that they may not see the evil ([b]2Ki_22:20[/b]), nor share in it, nor be in temptation by it. When the deluge is coming they are called into the ark, and have a hiding-place and rest in heaven when there was none for them under heaven. (2.) In wrath to the world, to punish them for all the injuries they have done to the righteous and merciful ones; those are taken away that stood in the gap to turn away the judgments of God, and then what can be expected but a deluge of them? It is a sign that God intends war when he calls home his ambassadors.
2. They go to be easy out of the reach of that evil. The righteous man, who while he lived walked in his uprightness, when he dies enters into peace and rests in his bed. Note, (1.) Death is gain, and rest, and bliss, to those only who walked in their uprightness, and who, when they die, can appeal to God concerning it, as Hezekiah (2Ki_20:3). Now, Lord, remember it.

(2.) Those that practised uprightness, and persevered in it to the end, shall find it well with them when they die. Their souls then enter into peace, into the world of peace, where peace is in perfection and where there is no trouble. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord. Their bodies rest in their beds. Note, The grave is a bed of rest to all the Lord's people; there they rest from all their labours, [b]Rev_14:13[/b] [i]And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.[/i]
And the more weary they were the more welcome will that rest be to them, Job_3:17. This bed is made in the darkness, but that makes it the more quiet; it is a bed out of which they shall rise refreshed in the morning ...." [end quotes]

The number 11 in the Bible is related to judgment. {Occultists form there own numerology.}

Can we see that maybe the Righteous may be going Home because of the judgment coming ? I've had several "too young to go" friends die unexpectedly in the last few years.

Will still be praying for Art to receive what only The LORD knows best. I'm sure he must be praying that too inside. We pray with him and for his family and all the lives he's touched.

 2007/6/16 2:34

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 Re: 2 Katz' Updates -- "Urgent Prayer Requested"

Oh, how I wish they hadn't done the chemotherapy, especially if he's so weak!

Am Praying!


Forrest Anderson

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Is. 57:1 & 2 came to mind and I was fearful to post it, thinking some would think I wasn't praying for Art to recover, but I've been praying for whatever is best for Art and for HIS Glory.

Very appropriate verses, I think Annie. Perhaps Art's time here and ministry to the saints is coming to an end. Perhaps he will soon be joining that great cloud of witnesses. The death of a saint "should" be a joyous thing, but we humans have a difficult time rejoicing because we acutely feel and focus on ourselves and what we are losing. I am not claiming death just examining how we usually look at it. I pray God's will be done in Art's life, as in my own. I would love to see him fully restored, and if God so chooses to do so, all glory to His name. If He chooses to take him home, all glory to His name. And if He allows a continued season of suffering, all glory to His name. If he is restored what a glorious gain for the body of Christ and if he enters the portals of glory, what a glorious gain for Art. The latter, of course is the most difficult for all of us to grapple with because we feel a need to understand it and try to apply our own reasoning to it. It only takes a brief glance at the cross to see that God's perspective on suffering is very different from ours. Whatever happens I pray Art's faith would not fail and that he would be continually strengthened in his spirit.

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Thank you Hope, your post said it all.

I was also grieving for brother GaryE.

One of the expounders of the these two verses also said something that our fellowship was taught years ago by a certain brother who died slowly in front of us. That sometimes we see death of Christians that we don't know, as some type of judgment on them when it's not at all.
When my dearest friend's husband died and then one 16 boy who had just 'rededicated' his life to the Lord, in both of those cases we knew their faith was weak and their walks were shakey, so the Lord took them to the best "safe house" there is.
With my friend's husband, he was given the prognosis that he would die within less than a year - after that, this man who had been once struggling with his walk was transformed into a glowing testimony.
Going to see him at his house was an extra-ordinary experience. He looked as if he had actually seen the Lord or had one foot in Heaven already and everything about him seemed that way. He was greatly transformed and blessed very many with his new hold onto the glory of Jesus and it brought or changed all of our outlooks on death with just his experience. He went out in a blaze of Glory, though just a year prior, he was fighting for his 'spiritual' life through many calls from his past tempting him.

Even those who had a good walk with the Lord envied - in a Good way - the way that this brother went home. The room filled to over-flowing with Christ's tangible presence and all present were brought higher/deeper into the reality of HIS Greatness and the 'no fear' lesson sunk in most.

Thank you for expressing what we needed to hear Hope.

 2007/6/16 9:52

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 Re: 2 Katz' Updates -- "Urgent Prayer Requested"

I saw there was another update about Art's Health:

June 17, 2007

Art remains in the hospital, his condition is reported as stable and he certainly looks much better. His breathing is better but he is still very weak.

He is happy and undaunted in his expectation despite the set back in his health. He remains confident and hopeful of the Lord's full measure in this summer's planned activities. We keep him apprised of all your precious emails and calls of encouragement and prayer. Our warmest affection and appreciation to all of you that have so faithfully given of yourselves in continued intercession for this servant. Your love, labor, and giving is not in vain in the Lord.

The Ben Israel Family

[url=]Recent Updates[/url]


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Thank you Jeppe.

I wondered if it would not be a good idea to send in the very reasonable conference fee "by faith" and just from the heart - non-refundably to encourage this Brother. Even just the $30 seems so small a help as encouragement and appreciation for his labors.

I pray he will be able to complete what he's set out to do. He has already, but in his flesh, I know he wants to see August and he & his loved ones would want much longer.

His June 14th article on the link you've posted, alone is worth millions. :-D

And the message within "Ben Israel Summer Events".

Thank you and Lord Bless!

 2007/6/18 16:59

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I'm praying for Art i love this man i love his message,i love how real he is!

praying andy


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