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bro Jim

greetings in Jesus NAme. AMEN.

i have listened to them both and they seem to confirm much of what i believe more firmly i have been shown by God concerning what is to come.

Grace and Peace be yours in Jesus' Name. AMEN.

Farai Bamu

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God still does deal with national sin and i fear our cup runs over.


Recently I have begun to pray daily that we be not deceived.

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 Something Glorious ... REVIVAL!

i'll not rehash all that i've posted on SI regarding this subject (it's all public record), but suffice it to say that it's something i believe i've been hearing from our Lord about for over the past 20 years, with it's intensity more increased in the last 5 years or so, and with this year -2007- being the culmination ...

My wish here is not to incite further deriding from any who think me misguided, deluded, or whatever, but regarding the coming correction, and subsequent REVIVAL, i believe i've heard from Him that this is the year that will mark the turning point of Christianity, particularly here in America, in re-active repentance ... In fact i also believe that Holy Spirit has told me that the REVIVAL i believe He spoke of coming to my assignment (church) is soon upon us as a congregation ... At the beginning of this month i kept hearing in my spirit: "We're here" ... Then after some praying last Sunday about my pastor and my church, and what i believe i've heard from Him, this message came forth in my spirit:

--- "There is an event looming, soon to manifest, that bishop will recognize instantly and it will put he and his ministerial staff on their faces, and subsequently turn us into a solemn assembly" ---

It wasn't made clear exactly what this event would be, but that it will be the catalyst to introducing what i believe i heard so long ago ...

In all the years i believe that i've heard from Him i've never had a pinpointed time frame until the end of last year coming into this one, part of which is in league with what i believe to have been a confirmation from my fellowship with bro Ironman (as bro Ironman said: documented in the thread - Prophetic Credentials 3 ... i don't believe it is by coincidence that i was led to SI and/or bro Ironman ...

i've noticed since my postings on SI that in some of the things i say i've learned to preface it with "i believe", and that i guess is in attempts to trying to explain some of my actions ... i've been actively telling saints all that "i believe" i'm hearing, even in light of sometimes dealing with outright hostility, but there's an unction to do so that i believe is from Him, and i just can't seem not to spit it out, or rest until i do so ... i oft try to, but somewhere along the line it always comes ... My Mom always says "What's in you will come out", well this warning of impending disaster(s) due to our ignorance of our dire need of repentance always seems to come out of me ... i've told many a saint that i believe our Lord has told me that a great REVIVAL is soon upon my assignment, and that when it breaks forth i'll be sure to bid them come ... i've also had a few saints express some concern about this, and ask me what will i do if this does not come to pass ... i tell them it will prove me to be prophesying falsely and that i will first of all deeply apologize to God ... i tell them i'll take it as a directive from our Lord that i needed to be shut up, and sat down ... i tell them that i will come back and apologize to as many as i can, including SI, and particularly the under-shepherd of my church for mistakenly attempting to sway he and his ministry ... And i tell them then i intend to find me some nice, quiet, little, old hymn singing, Jesus loving, Presbyterian congregation somewhere, and leave behind all and get as far away as i can from anything associated with Pentecostalism ...

But in the meanwhile the bottom line is this, in faith i've done and continue to do privately and publicly what i believe i'm hearing from our Lord to do, even if nobody else does ... i remember once in my crying out to our Lord
why He would unction me to say things that no one believes the question i got back was: "But do you believe"? ...

Sometimes it's been hard to, but YES it's been my excercise in this i've come to call "my extra-curricular faith" that over the years i heeded and have repented of and put away sins i knew were displeasing to Him, trumpeted what i believe i was told to trumpet, liquidated debt, published a book, opened and invested $$$ in the purchasing of actual gold bullion out of the U.S., and bought shares in both Ness and Zion Oil, all in anticipation of "something horrible" being on it's way, and believing that it's now right up on us ...

2007 is a very exciting time/year for me because one way or the other He is about to free me (Rom. 8:28) ... For me it's seemed such a looooooooooooooooooooong time coming ...

Blessings in Christ Jesus all!

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 Re: Something Glorious ... REVIVAL!

Sometimes it's been hard to, but YES it's been my excercise in this i've come to call "my extra-curricular faith" that over the years i heeded and have repented of and put away sins i knew were displeasing to Him, trumpeted what i believe i was told to trumpet, liquidated debt, published a book, opened and invested $$$ in the purchasing of actual gold bullion out of the U.S., and bought shares in both Ness and Zion Oil, all in anticipation of "something horrible" being on it's way, and believing that it's now right up on us ...

Sir, can you please explain why you "opened and invested $$$ in the purchasing of actual gold bullion"

In Christ - Jim

 2007/6/15 13:31

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Bowmansville Penssylvania USA


I haven't had any sense of pending disaster but I must say that over the past year I have been urgently seeking God to Work in me the same way that He did in the men of God that we read about. Men like the Wesleys, or Finney. Now I'm not in anway presuming that God is going to [i]use[/i] me like that- I fear He couldn't or I would touch the glory. God knows I'm the least fitted for a position like that- but over the past two months I have had this deep, deep assurance that God is about to work. Revival? I believe so with all my heart simply because of this supernatural assurance that I get every time I pray for God to visit his people and once again make the church what it was in the book of Acts. This thread has moved me to pray even more urgently. Oh may God be exalted amongst his people!
In Christ who is our blessed Lord and Master!

Jeff Mollman

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Amen! What Ravenhill said is always on my mind:

The world is not looking for another definition of Christianity. It is waiting for another demonstration of Christianity!"

I am also seeking God to make me humble and devout as former men were. Imagine if for every one preacher like Wesley or Whitefield, we had fifteen M'Cheyne's, Brainerd's, and Heide's!!!

Prayer, prayer, prayer!

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I remember some years ago the LORD woke me out of my sleep twice and said, "Be Ready".

Today I was waiting for the bus to go to school and decided to open a book, for the bus was supposed to come in fifteen-twenty minutes according to my estimate. So I sat down on the grass and about a minute later, when I wasn't even through with the second paragraph, it came. And I was so startled, and quickly grabbed all my stuff, and scrambled on it.

It turned out to have been the wrong bus (11A instead of 11), but the Lord spoke to me: "Slav, you [i]must[/i] be ready. I will come out of the blue just like this bus." And I knew I wasn't ready.

As for any particular apprehension I've had recently, I wouldn't say it's been very definite, or in the form of a dream or vision. However, the Lord has imprinted upon my mind the idea of martyrdom, quite brightly and above all other things, showing me that if I have to [i]really[/i] stand up for Him and do His will, I will suffer much persecution in the world as well as in the church.

Watch and pray, brothers and sisters, for we don't know how much we have left.

In Christ,

 2007/6/15 15:42

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 Why Gold Bullion? ...

Hi bro Jim ...

You wrote;
"Sir, can you please explain why you "opened and invested $$$ in the purchasing of actual gold bullion"

Bro the "reason" is a subject i've addressed on SI prior, as i've felt led of our Lord to post much about "America's Precarious Economy", but the bottom line reason is because i believe led of our Lord to do so, to the benefit of my family and church in the coming time of need ...

In the early 80's i believe Holy Spirit directed me to a book called "How to Survive the Next Great Depression" by R L King ... It's been so far back that i don't even remember how i got it, but i still remember the alarming impact it had on my thinking about $ ... For one thing this anti-Keansian economist outlined the amount of debt we Americans had taken on then, as he also mapped out how much debt our own government was taking on, and why ... Then he proceeded to lay out what would happen if we as a people/government would continue on this course ... Well we have, and now all that he wrote about is here, even more aggravated by the events since 9/11 ... One other thing i believe Holy Spirit did in this was to tie it together in my spirit that America was doomed to experiencing this decline in direct cause of how we as a nation had treated Gos since the 60's ... That was the beginning of my trumpet blowing ...

The American dollar and the American economy, in the natural, is on the verge of collapse due to our outrageous debts, and in the supernatural because of our having gotten way past God's limits about the trust in mammon, and therefore the world economies are on the verge of major downward adjustments too ... We're 5% of the world population, and consume 25% of it's goods ...

To tell you the truth i'm the last one i'd of ever thought to be doing this, let alone believing that God has directed me to, but i've subsequently learned that gold and silver has always been recognized as true money, and that the one reason governments finally got off of what is called the Gold Standard is because the value of paper money (fiat currency)
once could not be worth/spent/printed beyond the gold that was backing it ... That's why once America was so proud of Fort Knox, now you don't even hear about it ... Once that standard was done away with governments (here during Nixon's presidency), via The Fed became free to print as many promisory notes as they felt they needed to and/or could back by it's own gaurantee ... From the last American Depression (the domino effect fall of all paper promisory notes) one of the things that sticks out in history was that holders of actual gold had buying/bargaining power even tho the economy/$ was in the toilet - so much so that Pres. Roosevelt made it a crime for an American citizen to keep gold and our government demanded (confiscated) that it be turned in for paper currency valued way below the actual gold value ...

Then after the Great Depression, especially during the boom times from the 50's onward, all kinds of ways for wealthy people to own actual precious metals outside US extradition laws (except for felonius activity) were opened up, but even then as long as fiat money seems viable to other nations actual gold metal value stays low, and therefore investors don't but it, and brokers advise not to touch it as only chicken little, the sky is falling crack-pots value gold ... But when confidence in fiat money becomes shaky, as it is now amongst even the likes of Gates, Soros and Buffet, gold bullion prices go up and investors start to diversify into it ...

Let it also be said that governments who push their currencies don't like gold, and there are ways for them to be creative in holding gold prices low as many will from time to time unload their gold supplies to regulate downward price, just as there are ways to overinflate housing prices so that business can continue to be percieved as still robust, tho that seemingly continued success is built on the incurrence of even more debt, and will also eventually reach it's glut as it already has here in the US ... It's like us all standing around watching the blowing up of a huge balloon which at some point when it starts to get too big begins to cause anxiety to some watchers, this is what i believe Holy Spirit made me aware of some time ago to my distancing myself from it while even now many are looking at the balloon as "oh it's so big and pretty" and it's about to blow up in their faces ...

i can only attribute it to our Lord that He's taken a once Bohemian Van Gogh artistic type like myself, and has made me to understand as much about "wealth" as i do now ... i may not have it 100% down but i do believe that what i'm hearing is from Him and so i do ... With the holdings that i have now in actual gold metal, when i first became interested in gold purchasing it was $480. and oz., today it's around $650., with projections as high as $2000. an oz. in the event of a US economic meltdown ... It's stored on the isle of Jersey, off the UK, because the way it works is in event of a meltdown in any nation, rich citizens store their actual metals
in another nation, and due to International Law, can draw from the profits of such holdings tho in the affected nation ... Another thing that i've also learned about wealth, especially in tangible assets is, they don't dissappear, they just change hands, and are usually sold again pennies on the dollar in times of a economic crash ...

Just as in the Great Depression, tho everyone took some loss, everyone wasn't poor, and those who had some wherewithal during that time when supply far exceeded demand where able to buy things dirt cheap ... That's why J D Rockefeller said: The time to make $ is to buy when blood is running in the streets" ... This is one of the reasons why i also attempt to get as many saints who are trying to buy houses this year to just wait ...

Bottom line is i believe our Lord has been/is grooming me for "stewardship", and tho by the mere capacity of office i and mine will benefit, but it's moreso for my congregation, and other saints ... So this is the reason, as far out as it might seem, i do what i do ...

Somehow, somewhere, down the line i believe like the little boy on the mount, i'm to be a conduit of His supplying needs to His own by His blessing and breaking my meager 5 loaves and two fishes that i offer out of pure faith - and pure faith alone ...

You know when our Lord first started talking to me about $ the first offshore Gold Repository i learned about is called SafeWealth, in Switzerland, where they won't even talk to you unless you've got 100K ... At that point i used to say, "Lord why are you telling me about $ when i don't have any" ...

Then at the beginning of this year i believe He opened up a door and all of a sudden i had a little sizable amount, and not only that got directed to ...


Which is a repository just like SafeWealth, except it afforded the likes of me to buy and hold Gold/Silver bullion ... Well you have to know the way i think it was His perfect timing and so i bought, and am still buying ... To me i'm reminded of the scripture that say's "He who is faithful in least" ... One thing i've learned in our Lord's dealing with me about $ is there is no such thing as mine and His, it's all His, and i think a saint graduates once that fact is no longer hard to swallow! ...

Blessings in Christ Jesus!

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 Re: Why Gold Bullion? ...

David Wilkerson prophesied in his book the vision in 1974:Chapter 1 p.15,16.

A Crash Is Coming: There is a worldwide economic confusion just ahead. In my vision, this is the clearest thing I have seen.....Not only is the American Dollar heading for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada, and all other nations shortly thereafter. It is not really a depression I see coming-but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in a Amercia and around the world. Countries that now control huge amounts of western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also. Arab countries will especially be hurt. Without a doubt, there are lean years ahead full of monetary confusion and despair. How soon is not clear, but it is not far away. The worlds greatest economists will be at a loss to expalin the confusion, and international crisis of fear will develop. A false economic boom will precede the recession- but it will be shortlived...

This is no doubt whats coming soon (at least one of the things) we need to be ready.

 2007/6/15 16:27


There's no doubt that there is persecution coming to the Western world, and probably sooner than we think.

I also have little doubt that much of it will come from religious surces, including the "Church"

But there was the Word, "FEAR NOT" and also "BE READY"

Let us hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church in these days.

Revelation 17
[i][color=000099]3 So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. 5 And on her forehead a name was written:
6 [u]I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus[/u].[/color]

I believe the "harlot" is a spiritual entity from [i]all[/i] false religious areas, not only one, such as the RCC. Even from Charismatic circles persecution could arise if what I've read about the aims and methods of those who push the "Purpose-Driven" agenda is true.

In Him


 2007/6/15 20:10

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