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 What a holy, happy life is this! -winslow

[b]What a holy, happy life is this![/b]

(Octavius Winslow, "The Lord's Prayer" 1866)

"Give us this day our daily bread." Matthew 6:11

God will have us live a life of daily faith upon His
bounty. If we would live a life of holy victory amid
the daily conflict of the flesh--we must live a life
of daily faith upon Jesus, a life of daily waiting
upon God.

"THIS day, my Father! The supplies of yesterday
are exhausted; those of tomorrow I leave with
You. Give me this day all that its circumstances
may demand. Give me . . .
the clearness of judgment,
the soundness of decision,
the resoluteness of will,
the integrity of principle,
the uprightness of heart,
the moral courage,
the Christlike meekness,
the holy love,
the watchfulness and prayerfulness,
the integrity and consistency,
its yet unshaped history may require.
I know not . . .
what temptations I shall be exposed to,
what foes I shall be assailed by,
what trials I shall pass through,
what clouds will shade,
what sorrows will embitter,
what circumstances will wound my spirit.
Lord, give me . . .
Give me this day my daily bread."

What a holy, happy life is this!

It removes all care from the mind but the
present; and for that present, the believer
hangs upon a Father's care!

Thus begin and continue your day
with God. Its history is all . . .
uncertain, and
You cannot . . .
foresee one step,
be certain of one circumstance,
or control one event.

Let your prayer be, "Give me, Lord, all
supplies for this day. I may have . . .
trials of my judgment,
trials of my affections,
trials of conscience,
trials of my principles,
trials from those I most tenderly love.
Lord, be with me,
guide me with Your counsel,
hold up my steps that they slide not,
let Your comforts delight my soul."

Day by day is the life of faith you are
to live upon Jesus. It is DAILY bread . . .
Jesus for each and for every day.
Jesus for each day's needs.
Jesus for each day's trials.
Jesus for each day's sins.
Jesus for life.
Jesus for death.
Jesus forever!

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 Re: What a holy, happy life is this! -winslow

Amen, blessed by this!

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