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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Is Mosaic Covenant regarding the physical land of Israel applicable today?

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 Is Mosaic Covenant regarding the physical land of Israel applicable today?

Brothers and Sisters,
Grace and peace. May you all be comforted by our most wonderful Lord Jesus. A precious fellowship and I are partaking in a study of Israel. The purpose of the group is to ask questions and seek answers. Most importantly, our focus is to learn how to honor God's chosen people, but we are seeking out different matters.

Given that, I am new Christian of 3 years and was wondering if anyone could provide verse reference's regarding the Mosaic law concerning Israel. Is it applicable today? I would love any articles or references that have been a part of your walk with the Lord. I look forward to see how the body will provide Biblical direction. May you run hard after our precious Lord this day.

Caleb Peter Hobart

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 Re: Is Mosaic Covenant regarding the physical land of Israel applicable today?

Bro Cale
Greetings in Jesus' Name and Grace and Peace to you in Him. AMEN.

There are some sermons in S.I. by Art Katz about Israel and the end times and such. As with all things, be sure to filter it through God lest you be misled. Ezekiel 36-40 i think would be a good place to start because it speaks of the restoration of Israel at a later time than now. Many have mistaken the regathering into the land now as the fulfilment of Ezekiel 36-7 but it is not. Careful reading of the text will show that so many things which God said would be done have yet to happen. There also is the matter of Christ's return to no other pace but Jerusalem to Rule from there. Also Christ didn't do away with the covenant of Moses in the sense that the promises are now void but rather the issue of Justification was dealt with by His Blood. This is not to say that was a small thing, God forbid but rather that the promises to Israel still stand and the Church hasn't replaced Israel but like Paul says, we are grafted into the tree and share in what God has prepared for Israel and have become as children of the promise and that is a blessed thing!

Israel will be restored to the original borders which include Jordan, Syria and some other nations in that area which are currently squatters but will be cast out of the land by God in time after Israel is first cast out and then brought back. Upon the return of Israel, the other nations will be destroyed to make room for her.

Grace and Peace to you in Jesus' Name. AMEN.

Farai Bamu

 2007/6/15 19:59Profile

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