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 Art Katz Update

Just saw this on the BenIsrael Website:

June 11, 2007

Pray about Medical Decisions

As some of Art's medications are losing their effect, the time has come for making important medical decisions. Art is seriously praying about the complete cessation of all medications and whether to drop them completely all at once or to phase them out. Though the medical community threatens his almost certain death if he elects to do so. Pray for us as we try to discern the Lord's mind and the fine line between faith and presumption.

The doctors insist that Art needs to continue on a very high dosage of Prednisone (steroids) and a strong diuretic. A chemotherapy drug is also being considered, as it may prevent future flareups of the disease.

Art's daughter Sissie writes, "His feet and legs remain swollen; an indication of poor cardiac and kidney function...this is highest on our priority list to deal with. His shortness of breath is debilitating according to him, as is the weakness. We are adding stronger diuretics to his regime, but ... are starting to cut out other medications that at this point in his health, will not make a difference in his status. He uses oxygen more and more.

"All of it is up to Dad, we as a family are here to support him in all the decisions that need to be made.... It is now more crucial than ever as we look forward, believing for a miracle but also realizing that God's will may be to call him home, and what could be better than that? So, please keep this all close to your hearts as there is much to consider."

So here are some prayer points:
Pray that not one of the days written in God's book for Art be stolen. (Psalm 139:16)
Continue to pray hard for a miracle of healing.
Pray for divine wisdom for Art and the medical team in making decisions about his care.
Pray that Art will be strengthened to teach the seminars and prophetic school this summer.
Pray for strength and grace for Art's wife Inger as she cares for him, attends a stream of visitors, and works 30 hours a week!

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 Re: Art Katz Update

Thank you chadster ...

Much prayer needed at this juncture saints.

Mike Balog

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I came across this posting and something in me was like "I know that name Artz Katz, why do I know that name" of course his name is on the audio sermon list so I just listened to one of his sermons now for the first time. This man fears God and walks with God before man, angels and demons. So I began to pray for him and before long I was praying in the spirit with groans before our Father. I don't know what the Spirit was praying, but groaning, could distinctively hear Eli Eli said throughout, but what I felt was this sickness is a demonic attack on Artz to stop the work of God through this earthen vessel. Satans war is against God and what a tactic to knock off His Saints, especially this God fearing man Artz, so I would encourage people to pray against the devil prevailing in his plans and that God's plans for Artz who God is using mightly to awaken the Church would continue. This is a sickness that will be driven out with fasting and prayer. I hope I am speaking from the Spirit as I know me and my weakness and I am not so bold to state what I just wrote.


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 Re: Art Katz Update

May the Lord God of Abraham Issac and Jacob lead you folks forth with joy for the journey and a peace that passes all understanding in God's own wisdom. May He give you a plain path and make you feet to be like hinds feet and set up on your high places.Amen


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Praying the prayer points - thanks for the guidance in what to pray for.



Forrest Anderson

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