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 Going to teach children

I leaving on Saturday to go a camp to teach about 30 or so children, of different ages. They don't speak English well.

I am part of a team, of helpers. We will be teaching about Abram, and how he had to leave his country and how he made offering.
will taking the promises of God, and what a sin offering is. It will a long day three classes. We will having games, and times to talk with them one on one.

Please pray.
Open door to share Christ
Pray for teachable hearts
Pray for trust
Pray God will prepare there hearts
Pray for safety
Pray they will obey and listen during class
Pray the team will work together.
Pray we love these children with Christ love
Pray we will prayer in our planed times
nothing will take it away

Thank you so much
I look forward to telling of what God is going to do
Be in good cheer God is good
thank you for your prayers
In his love


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 Re: Going to teach children

I have prayed and will continue as God leads.

Have a wonderful time, sister! I rejoice at this opportunity God has given you. Please do let us know how things go.


 2007/6/8 19:16

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Will be praying. Would this be connected with CEF (Child Evagelism Fellowship)?



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 Re: Going to teach children

May the Lord bless this endeavor in every way.

Karsten Nordmo

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No isn't through CEF (Child Evagelism Fellowship)
It is a local ministry. People from all over that coming together in this. In tuscon we get 500 rufgee a year. So there many differnt family working with them. So we put on a camp from them
We are hoping this open many to share Christ.

I am thankful for all your prayers. I will let you know how it went, when I get back

In his love


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So my trip to camp..
1. At 7am I went over to gather the people who were going. As always they were running late. When ever you work with refugees you will not leave on time. The day before the three girls I hope would come, there father said No they couldn’t come. But that morning there mother said she would come. It was act of God, she wasn't crazy to come, she was with baby and wasn't feeling well. We gathered all 8 people into the cars and started up the Mt. In the car I was riding in was the 11 year girl and her mother. We sang songs and talked the whole way up. the crazy thing we arrived on time. the refugees checked in, there was around 50 who came.
We gather our team of children workers and prayed. It was so easy together everyone. This God working on our behalf to make the prayer time possible. We had 7 workers for the younger children, again this a blessing. God gave all the workers we need. Praise God
First class,
1- I went over the words in the story .. It was really neat we made an altar, and put the stuff lamb on it
we also had objects and pictures, to help them to understand. Most of them had never heard the word sin and many other ones too. They didn't know what they meant. So we went over these words..
Lamb, Blessing- altar, Sin- what is sin. Quick look at 10 commandments, Obey- Trust- Cruse- Promise- Leaving- Nations.
2- Then we sang the song father Abram
3- Then My friend came and read the story, when God calls Abram to leave his country. then he builds a altar for his sins. It was lots of fun, as she read the said words they knew and acted it out.
4- then we broke up, we only had 7 children, so it work out perfect. Each child went with one teacher. we brought them back in and sat down with and ask them questions about the story, and personal questions to. It was so neat. the teacher had some wonderful talks with the children. here's a few questions they asked- What is a cruse? What is a sacrifice? Why did he have do it for his sins?
What a nation? What’s your country? What’s a promise?
5- then we all came together and did a crafted
The first class, they were a little restless. But still very good. They obey so well.
One boy raised his hand I when what is a promise, he said when some doesn’t keep there word. I had tried to tell how Abram had to kill the lamb I wasn’t sure they got it in the first class.
Our team got together again and prayed. It was such a blessing to have people who wanted to come and pray.
2 Class- I saw the children, more part of the story and answering the questions then before.
There were happy to come. This time I brought them up close and had the girls on one said and boys on other side. They were raising their hands. Pick me pick me. when I was asking questions. I was teaching them things they had never heard about before.
1- So started with review, and a song. Then I tried again to explain some word in the story. And what sin was, and sin offering.
I had ask if any had ever counted all the stars. One boy said yep. There’s a 150.
we showed them a picture of a old lady and said this how old Sarah was, do women like have babies? one boy said " But with God any thing is possible" we talked about God promised these things, and God keeps his promises.
2-then we sang My God is so big.. Which I love this song!
3- Then we read the story of How God gave Abram some promises
4- then they went again to small groups
It was such a blessing to be able to sit down and talk with theses children one on one. They were so good, they sat down and listen and answered here are some questions they ask.. what is a dream?
who are your decedents? what different nations do you know about? what nation did you come from? what is a reward ? what reward has your mom or dad given you? How can your grandam have a baby How did Sarah have to trust God? What is New born Child? what were the 4 promise God gave Abram? How many stars are there? How was God going to bless Abram? We were getting some neat answer from these children
we had free time with, but it seemed the children never left us all day then we prayed again. we all tried it had been a long day. I was starting to get sick. we prayed, I knew God could help through.
Our last class
1- God promise Covent with man
How he had Abram cut the animals in half and God walk through it
2- read the story
3- Song peace like a river
One boy said. Abram killed the lamb because of his sins, and blood of the lamb cleaned him
other child said sin is when we lie. Other girl said God is might and strong
Other said God promise to make his name great.
4- then during small group. One teacher talked with one girl who said she had heard about Jesus and him dying. but she hadn’t prayed to God before this weekend,
I think many seeds where planted, now we have to pray God will water,
half the children there I go and visit once a week. My friend and I were thinking maybe
going and meeting with these children once a week, doing a story and craft with them.
we are still in prayer about it.
Thank for all your prayers. After it was done, I went to bed, and was out. I was going to stay sunday worship, but I got sick. So I got to go back sooner. But God had a reason I got to meet a sister in Christ.
This morning, I woke up, feeling so sick. I started with my self pity. But God stopped me and said no rejoice. It was a day, that I had
Praise Gpd
In his love


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Praise the Lord for the seeds that were planted.

Thanks for sharing about it, sister!


 2007/6/10 19:42

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