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 The Spiritual Principle of Faith and Sin

[b]The Spiritual Principle of Faith and Sin[/b]

Faith and sin work as direct opposites. Sin tempts man to doubt God's judgment. The temptation originates in sin and, if followed, it will produce more sin. Conversely, faith encourages man to believe God's promises of reward. If faith is heeded and man obeys then more faith is produced.

True, biblical faith is not simple belief. If it were, all the professing world would be saved. Faith is not belief at all, but is rather the stimulus of belief. It agitates, strengthens, and upholds belief to prepare men for willfully obedience. Faith is spiritual in nature; it does not exist in natural man. It comes from God to excite belief unto obedience. It is the gift of God, given through the word when illuminated by the Spirit.

If faith were merely human belief, both self-begun and self-sustained, then the apostle would have written, "By grace you are saved through carnal assent, by the work of your brain; now boast!" Salvation would be most accessible to those born with more reasonable temperaments and thoughtful minds, rather than to the lowly who cry out for God's merciful aid.

Know this, Christian: in you are two appetites, each demanding to be fed. The hunger of sin is sin, and it will never be satisfied. The food of faith is obedience. Sow your seeds accordingly.

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