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Oeiras, Portugal

 Evangelistic Compilation

Hello everyone,
I'm currently studying to be a computer technician and one of my classes is multimedia. So, we're asked to make an opened themed movie (with windows movie maker) and, since I'm going to present the movie to the class, I thought about making an evangelistic movie. What do you all think? ;)

Well, if you like the idea, could you point me out to some powerful video(wmv only)\audio evangelistic sermons and songs?

The teacher wants the movie to have pictures, audio and video..


I already had this idea a while ago. I thought about using a testimony of a young man from the pensacola revival.. but I wasn't sure if I should do it (it could make things awkward in the class, I thought) and while I was having doubts the work all was lost by, uh let's say, a techical failure.

So I tried to think of other secular themes like guitars, stunts or whatever, but couldn't find videos.

Well, I don't want to do the wrong thing (like if that technical failure was a sign from God or something, yeah I believe in signs).

Help me out brothers!

João Tiago

 2007/5/30 5:52Profile

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 Re: Evangelistic Compilation

(it could make things awkward in the class

Ha, I know what you mean!!

I hate to have no resources to present to you brother. I'm sure you know about the revival hymn movie, but do check google video and youtube( beware) and you'll run across many biblical clips. Try Godtube and sermon clips (google it). I know the latter two are cheesy and mostly unprofitable, but you might come across a gem. If its not WMV google a MPEG to WMV converter.

But by all means do not commit the logical fallacy of post hoc propter hoc. That is, "X occured when I did Z, therefore Z is the cause of X".

That is the most blessed thing about being an actual son of the father, we can [i]know[/i] his will. A servant dosn't know his masters will, and we ought to so walk with God that errors and circumstances do not dosn't dictate what we consider God's will. Never use the cop out my family is oft guilty of--"it wasn't meant".

For, the devil also hath some power to engineer circumstances, and we very well could become puppets. Don't let that error stop you, seek Gods face and if you don't get an audible voice, do that which thou knowest to do intellectually from the scriptures--Share the gospel! :)

And don't sweat the awkwardness, it is our modern day 'tribulation' and 'persecution' on college campuses. Its a lot better than being sawed in two! :) God be with you, have faith brother.

Sean Hobson

 2007/5/30 21:39Profile

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