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 Re: Some criticisms of the new layout...

Jordan wrote:

It's too long. I have to scroll 2 pages to get down to where most people spend most of their time: the 15 recent forum topics.

To where most spend their time? Are you sure about that? I believe most spend their time with the sermons, texts, articles, etc. As for having to scroll down so long, well, bless your heart.

Since I have been with sermon index for two years and don't go by when I signed up, I've noticed on certain post's of yours Jordon that your very critical toward sermon index and to Greg at certain times. You have a critical spirit. I may get blasted for this but what you bring up is just ridiculous when you compare it to the whole site of sermon index and what It's for. Not the forums.

Everything you speak about is not the meat of what sermon index is all about. Brother Greg? Everything is fine the way it is and you've done a wonderful job and no I don't donate because I'm not able to Jordon.

Jordon, with all your recommendations why don't you start your own site and let Greg worry about his site here at sermon index and let the majority of us enjoy it the way it already is. Being critical of Greg and his site and suggesting to him how this and that should be is just pure silly.

Now if you had something major to add, why not PM him but what you have is not major, and it seems more like blasting Greg in the open, here again, in comparison to what sermon index is all about. Yes I'm aware at Greg's graceful response however, You have a critical spirit as I've already stated. I say to you Greg; Leave everything alone. It's great the way it is. And to you Jordon? If you don't like it here; Do one of two things, 1: Enjoy sermon index like we all do and be positive. 2: Leave and go somewhere else.

Greg and Mike: Forgive me for this post and my strong words. You both know I love sermon index!

Just don't change anything to make it bigger or smaller or move it. Thats all ridiculous. Keep it the way it is. Do what you choose to do and not what critical Jordan wants. Jordon? You can say your not critical or spiritually immature all you want but I've seen both countless times in your many post's. So You and everyone else can now go ahead and blast me. I'm not a debater nor will I engage in negative arguing over this.

[edit]: The title of this thread proves my point of your critical spirit.

Some "criticisms" of the new layout...

Bless you Greg for sermon index and the way it is.

Brother Julian

 2007/5/29 8:14

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Spirit and truth

Greg and Mike: Forgive me for this post and my strong words. You both know I love sermon index!

It can be difficult, but sometimes things do need to be said and addressed. Jordan be sure that no one sets out to condemn you but your critical spirit does come through often enough to warrant a closer examination, this is not really surprising to see this post exemplifying the same. Constructive criticism is different from destructive ... In general not that this is destructive in and of itself, the search function for instance is something that we have discussed privately for some time and would be a great help in finding things remembered but difficult to call back up again ... Patience I would proscribe and prayer. Will come back to that.

I really don't wish to further more than what our brother has spoken here only that he is drawing on the notice and the other aspect, that criticism of the spirit, if you look back at some of your complaints here they are rather self centered. Greg has made changes throughout the history of SermonIndex as led by prayer and by the Lord at different stages along the way. Whatever my personal preference it has always been that Greg would do as he has done, taking in considerations and following that which is in his heart to do as led by the Lord. The look and 'feel' has always been something that has it's peculiar "SI" stamp on it and those basics have stayed, a little tweaking here and there, different attributes highlighted or down played accordingly. Be thankful for much forbearance with such a diversified and at times unruly bunch ... It is a blessing to have the forum at all and it's original intent was as a compliment to the [i]Sermons[/i] as has well been pointed out, not in the strictest sense of the word otherwise some of the forum headings certainly wouldn't make sense. Revival and revival sermons can and do involve many aspects, derivatives, Holiness, denunciation of sin, our heritage and inheritance of the saints, history, discipleship ...

Recommended this elsewhere and do so again;

[url=]Jonathan Edwards - Undiscerned Spiritual Pride[/url]

One could jump into this at practically any point, while as a whole I would highly recommended it, even a emphasis on the aspects of humility and humbling that are contained there may be of most importance. The reason for saying so is only because I need fresh reminders myself.

Mike Balog

 2007/5/29 9:56Profile

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