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 promise land

I saw him there, mocking me as I stood there looking at my promise land. I stood afar wondering why it had taken so long to notice all he claimed that was mine, was true. As I looked seeing the enemy unwilling to give it up without a fight. What might I do? I was to weak to fight against such forces. Maybe I will go back to my comfortable life. I have all I need right? Then as I looked out I caught a gipsh of the promise that awaited, my heart seank it saddness. I want that My heart pleed. I saw all I had was trash comperaped to those things. I heart was stried I want more, I want to fight. I want it more then life, yes I will be willing to die. I want to take hold of what was given to me. But again the question was rasied how? I left up my weapons that had been given to me, these will help I thought, so I can fight. It would foolish it I did this alone, I need take hold fighting postion that is on my knees. I fall qiuck ly to my knees opening the wpord of truth with eagness, I begane to fight. I stood there seeing the beaitful things, they were amazing, that waited me.
May I never want to play it safe. Help me they to understand clearly. Christ ways are worth more then any thing in this world. May the vaule of Christ and his promise move us to fight
for holiness.
Beacuse there are riches that are more then all the riches of this world. Don’t leyt me miss this as I wept don't let us truned away to go back to our lives.I wept bittery not we would not settle for so little, when so much had been given to us. Why live a life ordary , when we were made by a ceartor, who can give us lives of wonder.
in Christ charlene


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