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Bless you all.

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Dave, don't worry it wasn't you that inspired that thought. I have thought it many times before, especially when my zeal starts to rise up and I think to myself that I have just got to get up and preach these truths-lest I die.

The Lord is teaching me to harness this zeal and wait on Him. My time is coming. I was even thinking today why the Lord made me as He did. Why have the zealous heart for Christ- yet look like me? There must be some purpose in this. I am sure I will know some day soon.

Sorry to get off the subject of this thread. I am looking forward to listening to the sermon.


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Thanks Dave!
There's actually two, backed up to the main page, there's a couple of others that are worthhwhile;

Mike Balog

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Chanin, I recommend you read some lives make sublime like: Catherine Booth, Rosalina Goforth, and other Women used by God in powerful ways.

I am really anxious to find out more about this man from south africa. Keith Daniel really seems to have a deep understanding of God and His ways.

Here is another article on SermonIndex by him:
[url=]A Man, A Message, A Movement Godward By Keith Daniel[/url]

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