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 Women Are So Difficult

My sister was going out and she asked me how she looked. Of all the times that I had commented on her dress and the way she presented herself, I always cheered her on. This day, she wore a pair of pants that didn't quite look good on her. So I said that everything looks great accept for those pants. Well, she became upset over that and wished she hadn't asked me and left.

Women are the only one's who ask this question and they only want to hear one answer, 'oh, you look great, wonderful, stunning', but to give your honest opinion will cause you to suffer a week of shunning.

So Ladies, do you like to hear honest opinions or compliments that may not have any truth in it?

 2007/5/26 19:33

 Re: Women Are So Difficult

--- Been laughing for three minutes thinking of a suitable response ---

--- make that 8 minutes ---

Sorry. No wisdom here, kid. Women are still a mystery to me.

 2007/5/26 19:56

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 Re: Women Are So Difficult

I believe that these questions and thoughts are or at least should be strange to a godly, modest woman of God, because "Whose adorning [b]let it not be that outward[/b] adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; [b] But let it be the hidden man of the heart,[/b] in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. For [b]after this manner[/b] in the old time [b]the holy women[/b] also, [b]who trusted in God, adorned themselves...[/b]

This world has so much crept into our minds that such thinking is so rare today. We need [b]living[/b] examples and lives, men and women of God walking in humbleness and living as unto Him, not for people, which God's opinion is in their first place about everything, and also on the question "how I look like" and "why I am wearing this or that".

"Some women will spend thirty minutes to an hour preparing for church externally (putting on special clothes and makeup, etc.). What would happen if we all spent the same amount of time preparing internally for church with prayer and meditation?" -LR

edit:There are also many who says that modesty is inward thing of the heart, absolutely true, but this surely will reflect on your outward appearance.

 2007/5/26 19:58Profile

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 Re: Women Are So Difficult

Ah, yeah. I'm one who goes more for the honesty thing when it comes to clothes. I kinda get upset when I feel someone isn't being honest with me, but this sheds light on why.
Women aren't the only ones to ask it, but I think they do seem to be the only ones who get upset. I've known lots of guys that ask me if they look good, but if I tell them they don't, they usually look surprised but not upset.
I honesty think the reason is that females were made to be beautiful and peaceful. I mean its quite evident from nature that that God made women very pretty. Another plus for Adam. But like every good thing, satan will pervert it in the hearts of some women. Beauty will come by doing the will of our Father, and not anything else. Sometimes I do fall prey to this in another way. For example, I complained several times to my future husband that I believed myself fat. So later when I eyed some ice cream, he told me "oh, are you sure you want to eat that? I thought you were watching your weight?" And I almost killed him XD. Logically, I should have been grateful for what was a very gentle reminder, to help me pursue my goal. But it doesn't work that way with us.
So, I dunno. Sorry bro!


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 Re: Women Are So Difficult

I guess us women want to look god to impress the guys a lot, so when something's amiss, we get upset. Do I want an honest opinion? Really, I don't ask all that much if I look good or all of that. Modesty is top priority for me, so I just expect a friend to say, "You should change out of that," if it is an issue of being unpresentable in that way. Meh, it's obviously been a problem since the beginning of the church, but I see no problem with looking good as long as it is not top priority.
Guys, just be patient with us, and we'll try to be the same way. ;-)


 2007/5/27 15:07Profile

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 Re: Women Are So Difficult

she became upset over that and wished she hadn't asked me and left.

Did you give her a truth in love answer or a smart aleck answer?

 2007/5/27 16:14Profile

 Re: Women Are So Difficult

Compliments asked

So Ladies, do you like to hear honest opinions

I'd say so, but perhaps a literal brother of (many) years is in need of a little homework practice on how to phrase them ... gently... ;-)

 2007/5/27 16:54

 Re: All is forgiven

Here is the latest news girls: My Sister came home and I met her at the door and low and behold she had a cup of tea and a box of donuts for me. She said, "I thought, I shouldn't have cornered you with that question". My Sister is a big girl but she has a way of dressing small, and I have always commented on that quality. But when she was leaving that day, I thought to myself, "those pants make you look big". And she knew that (unfortunately she didn't give that information at the time when I most needed it, it could have saved my neck)she bought her Capri's off of ebay and wanted to show them off but the sizes in the U.S. are bigger than in Canada, so she needs to take them in and take them up.

So I told her you could have said, "I know the pants are a bit much, but how is everything else?" and she agreed.

Thank you Jesus for saving me. :-P Whew

 2007/5/27 18:02

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 Re: Women Are So Difficult

Compliments wrote:

So Ladies, do you like to hear honest opinions or compliments that may not have any truth in it?

My answer: honest opinions. I hate flattery.

BTW: when I saw the title of this thread, I laughed! But you are right women are difficult! And so are men! Now don't tell them that!


Sandra Miller

 2007/5/28 0:14Profile

 Re: Women Are So Difficult

HAHAHA! The title of this thread could just as well have been, "Why are men so tactless?"

My mother bought a new hat once, but when she showed my father he said she looked like Mrs Jones up the street. My mother didn't like Mrs Jones, so she never wore the hat again!

It does seem that there is a big psychological difference between the sexes, something about our brains being wired differently. I find it interesting, but it does cause misunderstandings and hurts too.

A girl who had recently got married said it was a real culture shock! I'm sure they were happy together, but the amount of ajustment needed was far more than she thought.

A friend's husband says she's the most logical person he knows; but the way she reaches her conclusions is totally illogical!

Glad it all ended well anyway.


 2007/5/28 18:18

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