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 JOhn 17

Christ reason for living, was to bring glory to His father, and do His will?

And would that be our will, and goal inlife?

He said he manifested His name to them?

He say the father gave them to him?

Jesus said I am not praying for the world, but for those The father has given me. This prayer is for those who put there faith in Christ.

all mine and your, and tey are to bring Him glory.. He is saying we are Chirst so that we will bring him glory?

He prays we will be safe, as we are in the world.

He say he gives us his word, and world hates us. But we not to be part of the world anymore.

So Is the truth from the bible, our faith is why the world hates us.

Because are no longer part of the evil ways.

What does it look like to not be part of the world?

Then he say sancictify them, by the truth..
SO the word of God is what makes us holy? withthe help of the holy spirit?

then he say I send you into the world, are we to be living in the world with the idea, we are not part of it, and we are to be holy, set a part like Christ was?

verse 21
they will be one as we are one, is this talking about us and Christ? That we will one with Jesus.
As Jesus and the father are one?

or are they talking about the body of Christ to be one. he is talking us and him,, ?

If we are one, we will see his glory.
Is that is we are one with Christ we will see His Glory? because we are close to him?

verse 23 again it say perfectly one?

Then he wants us to be were he is so we can see his glory? what does it mean to be where he is?
In the owrd, praying? what are things in life?

SO through us, the world will see Christ.
Or is it through the Body together.
or is this prayer for one person?
but for many

in his love


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