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 why was did God put the tree..

How would tell someone who thinks God set us up for fall, when He put the tree in the garden/
they think God put evil on them
why would God do this if forknew it?


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 Re: why was did God put the tree..

I don't believe that God "set them up" to fall. If He did that, then He would STILL be doing that to us today because He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die.
~ Genesis 2.16 - 17

I don't know that God pointed out to them, "This is the Tree of Life" or not but every tree was to be eaten from but the one. And yet they weren't willing to eat of it.

Your question reminded me of something that Art Katz said. He said that "he" believed that the Tree of Life wasn't the most beautiful tree in the garden, it's fruit wasn't succulent, it could have been a bent over tree, etc... that it had suffering written all over it, per se. I'm paraphrasing what I remember but he added that he believed that Adam and Eve somehow knew that to eat the fruit from THAT tree would cost them and possibly required more of them than they might have been willing to give.

This is just one take on it, there are more learned people on this site who can help! I didn't mean to confuse you and if I did, I'm sorry.

Yours truly in the Lord (from Andrew Bonar),

 2007/5/19 20:00

 Re: God was setting Himself up

The question that Charlene is asking is, If God KNEW in advance (for God knows all things), that Adam and Eve were going to eat of that tree, why create man in the first place?

She has a valid question. We could answer by saying that God has given man a choice. However, God knew that man was going to eat of that tree regardless of his choice or not, so why did God create man, knowing full well that all will turn sour, sin will enter the world, and all flesh will have to die?

It would seem that God was setting Himself up for Him to react in anger, jealously, repentance, sorrow, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, patience, longsuffering etc..

 2007/5/19 20:16

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 Re: The tree of life or the tree of death.

Reply to Charlene

Understand that we are talking in metaphors describing spiritual things in earthly examples, and if one is not spiritual they will not be able to explain spiritual things or understand spiritual things because they are in rebellion to God and live in spiritual darkness as fallen angels that must suffer death.
The Word of God was the tree that produced them but they rebelled and drank and eat from the knowledge of their own minds and were rebellious in their wills and created enmity between the will of God and theirs. They took it upon them selves to mix with the strangers and be like them and forsook fellowship with God and His Word and became as beast dependant upon the earth for their tree of life outside the garden and in outer darkness, outside the spiritual Kingdom of God.

You must be born again a spiritual man and seek the kingdom of God through His Word and when The Word is manifested unto you must be prepared to forsake all and instantly follow Him, Christ Jesus, forever as a spiritual man with eternal life. You will have the duties of a spiritual being created by God to understand and obey from now until eternity and forever and forever..



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