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 Power in a Heart Consumed With Love

Be My Reality

The young prophet sat frustrated. What was going on lately? It was as if the Lord had taken a vacation from speaking. He knew that was ridiculous, but the concern still lingered.

"Why the silence, Lord? Where is Your power? Your might?"

Suddenly without warning the young prophet was caught up.

"Finally! Something!" he thought relieved.

A dark, dingy little room hovered beneath him as the Lord carried his spirit away. Crude medical supplies were scattered about and rancid smells of infection permeated the air mixed with the pain induced groans of the patients.

"What is this, Lord? Some kind of hospital?" The prophet grimaced in disgust at the poor condition of the facility.

"Yes." The Lord answered, "Not only that, but it is a temple of My glory."

"This?!" he asked incredulously. "This place is disgusting. I wouldn't even let my dog be treated here." The Lord made no reply, but the prophet immediately felt ashamed as he sensed the pain that his words had caused the Lord.

Suddenly a frail looking monk entered the room with a bowl of water and some rags. He went about ministering to the patients and speaking to them kindly.

"Who's that?" asked the prophet.

"That is one of my most precious and anointed children."

"Really? Why doesn't he just lay hands on the people and heal them?" he asked somewhat critically. "That'd be an awesome display of your power!"

"It was not to show my power that I came into the world. I came to share the love of the Father and bring salvation to all mankind.

"I have brought you here to show you this. There is more power in a single heart consumed with My love than in the signs and wonders wrought by those who love little and live for their own ambition more than they live for Me.

"This monk may not be miraculously healing these people in an impressive display, but he is doing something infinitely more
Deeply convicted in heart, the prophet responded, "Lord, forgive me for judging this man and others like him. I see now that his authority isn't in power, but in love. Please help me to have a heart compelled toward love." The light of the Lord continued shining on the prophet's heart, revealing the deep secrets within. It was painful, but freeing.

The Lord spoke again. "Though this room may be in poor condition it is transformed into a beautiful temple of My glory by a simple man who is not concerned with his own gain or well being, but who's heart is consumed with Me.

"True reality is not found in the world around you. Not in money, in homes, or the people you know. True reality is in Me. My Spirit. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You must learn to live and move in My Spirit, not looking at the world around you and being affected by its circumstances, but being rooted and grounded in love. Make My Kingdom your home and put your trust in Me always, in everything. Make love your greatest pursuit."

Once again, the prophet abruptly found himself back in his room, just as before. He was left deeply moved in his heart, the words of the Lord still ringing clearly within his spirit.

"Jesus," he prayed, "be my Reality."

By Barrett Dzurenko


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 Re: Power in a Heart Consumed With Love

Truly Love is the most important thing. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13 that if He had all the power of God and had not love, it was a waste.

All too often we want to see God move in power, like fire. We beg for signs but refuse to let the Love of Christ reign in our lives. We gossip, we complain when we have to be a neighbor and give something up for someone else.

God is a God of love. What was it that moved Christ to heal the sick??
Why did Christ lay down His life?!

God is love... God is patient, gentle, compassionate, He shows His love thru mercy, grace, blessings and trials.


We need to have hearts that overflow in grace, mercy, lovingkindness, gentleness, compassion, and servanthood. Smile. Encourage. Give. Give. Give some more. Give until we're empty, refill at the Cross and give again.

In Christ...

Chad Lough

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