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Edmonton Alberta Cda.

 Street Preaching in Edmonton

Saturday night was a real eye opener for me. I have seen videos of street preachers, but being on hand as Ricky (repentcanada) Ryan, Lewis, and Jeremy shared their faith on the mean streets of Edmonton was shocking. The darkness, and depravity revealed in the people passing by was surprising to me.
For the most part, the people passing our corner at Whyte Ave and 103 Street were 20-25 year old college types. Most rushed by, some accepted tracts, and a good number of them stopped to listen for a moment, and some just wanted to rant, and cuss out Ricky.
Ricky did a good job, and was very calm and focused throughout the night. There were several people that had 1 on 1's with the team, and I thought it was a good night, and even managed to hand out a dozen or so tracts.
Looking forward to this Saturday, and my appreciation for the job that street preachers do has increased dramatically.

Blessings Greg


 2007/5/14 20:39Profile

 Re: Street Preaching in Edmonton

Keep up the good work! I lived behind the dealership on 106th and Whyte up till a few months ago and I can't recall anyone preaching or handing out anything... except some Mormons singing carols at Christmas and the odd Greenpeace activist asking for donations.

Keep up the good work. Maybe let me know before you guys go out next and I'll pray for you.

 2007/5/14 22:04

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 Re: Street Preaching in Edmonton

It is so hard to be bold at first, but soon the strangeness passes, and you are undisturbed by what is wrong, and encouraged by what is right.

Before you go out again, let us know, that we may pray for your efforts.



Forrest Anderson

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We would love the prayers of the saints. We go out to the streets here in Edmonton, Alberta Saturday nights around 8pm (MST). We meet to pray the night before.

God bless brothers and sisters,

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