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Understood, Raven. Praise God, He chastens those He loves.

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Unfortunately these crusades often cost quite a bit of money to put on, usually in the millions as the host cities have to pay to bring the crusade there. The hope is that people will go because Greg Laurie is there, much in the same way folks did with Billy Graham.

Usually there are many means used to "draw" people i.e. popular artists, extreme sports etc. all culminating in the evening message. I was once a follow up counsellor at one of these in Anaheim, so I speak from experience.

The problem is that there is a focus on "decisional regeneraton" meaning that since you have come forward, and prayed, you are now a Christian. The counsellors are even told to tell people they are. Churches partner with the Crusade in an attempt to grow their numbers, and the majority of the time, they do not. Decision cards are given to counsellors and then to the representing Churches, meaning if you are a Roman Catholic, they are given to a local parish. Why I do not know? Then someone may give you a call to "follow up" and make sure you are still a Christian.

Brother ravenmolehil, if the Lord convicted you about your questioning, then abide accordingly. But do not be afraid to question these Crusades, or the teachings used.

One last point, if you can, look for billboards, and stickers for this event, and tell me whose name is bigger Christ's or the evangelist's?

patrick heaviside

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 I was one.

I was also a "field counselor" at one of the Harvest events in Anaheim. Although I do not represent everyone who counsels there, be warned by this fact: at the time, I had not repented of known sin or gross worldliness, I believed salvation was by mental assent and not supernatural faith given by grace... in short, I didn't come to KNOW Christ until six or sevenyears later!

The people I "counseled" on the field seemed to have no clue what they were doing there, and I told them (Lord, I trust you have forgive me) that they were saved if they believed what Greg said was truth. I told them to start going to church and reading their bibles, but nothing about sin, regeneration, or Christ's resurrection for holiness. I fear that I took part in still-birthing scared sinners on that field.

What's worse is I can say from experience, and knowing the other counselors I was with, that untrained or even heretical counselors was almost the standard, if they were more closely examined. To become a "field counselor" I needed only to attend TWO pre-Harvest meetings at a church that didn't know about me, my character, or my beliefs!!! The first one was a pep-talk for speaking to strangers on the field, the second time they gave us materials to hand out. Nothing about the seriousness of making sure these people were not becoming false converts.

I say this with a great deal of fearful reverance... I believe some of the intentions at Harvest are good, but are tainted with humanistic motives and ideas. Their appeals are often made to Carnal Man rather than to the Called Out who "hear His voice" in the warnings of sin and righteousness. And though the event is a model of organizational genius, it remains spiritually sloppy and dangerous where it counts... presenting a distraction-free message, and competent, holy counselors on the fields.

One last note... the people in the bands, the extreme-sports athletes, the enormous choirs and praise band...

Imagine if people came saying, "I heard there's a man here who says something that freed my friends from living in sin and filled them with power to obey God," rather than, "I heard there's a decent cross-over band a great stunt cyclist." Jesus never once used anything but His reputation for fearless righteousness and compassion to draw crowds to Him. They came because others were healed and forgiven of sins.

End of thoughts, God bless!

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 Re: I was one.

I have a lot of experience with Harvest and the Crusades that they put on. The strangest thing about them is that most of the time their motives do seem pure, although man centered. THey certainly preach the "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life" gospel. The other major problem is that everyone that goes down to the field is considered to be regenerated. Every crusade there are probably a handful of people that actually are, but most that think they are, are probably not. But some people are getting saved...

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