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 be encouraged today "The Touch of Y'shua (Daniel 10)

Shalom! brothers and sisters in Christ. i hope you are bless with this insight God shared with my heart.
Sometimes we feel out of breath, even strength as we walk on this earth; enduring or try to at least go through the circumtances of life. There are times that i literally have to cry out from within my soul, because the pain is too much to bear, especially when we have read the promises of God, and expect them to come true. we patiently wait for His answers. after fighting and fighting we think. "oh maybe it's time to give up, it's time to throw the towel, there's no strength in me anymore, and my faith is weaker and weaker. no body seems to really want to listen to me or care about me, no even my brothers and sisters in Christ." does this sounds familiar? i do know my brothers and sisters what are you going through, becasue i'm there, i'm going through it. but i tell you this Y'eshua (Jesus) can touch me and touch you aswell. He can restore our strength to keep forward till the day we see the victory in what we are going through. Matthew (9:20-22) tell us the story of a woman that was going through the living hell,(simply speaking) and no one, not a single person whom she could turn to, and this was for twelve years, it's says" And suddenly a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years, came from behind and touch the hem of His garment, "i shall be made well " she said but Y'eshua turned around and when He saw her He said " be of good cheer, doughter your faith has made you well" and the woman was made well that hour" oh brothers and sisters if we only run with our problems and touch the hem (His presence in prayer) of Y'eshua,so He heals our hearts and gives us a new spirit in Him. it's tough but we need to run by faith alone.

Then on the same chapter verses
(27-30). A few blind men, ran towards Y'eshua, crying out and saying, " Son of david have mercy on us" then they came and Y'eshua asked them" do you believe that i'm able to do this"? they said to Him yes Lord"
Then He touched their eyes saying, " according to your faith let it be to you," and their eyes were opened. brothers and sisters as you read this, would you believe that Y'eshua (Jesus) is able to do that miracle in your life?, open the door for whatever are you waiting for in your life, circumtances you are facing,trial, pain, etc, etc? if you do, just let Him touch you now, bend to your knees, pray and praise Him for you He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Y'eshua (Jesus). your eyes will be opened then. you will see your circumtances through His eyes. there's another man that experience the touch of Y'eshua, this was daniel, in (daniel 10:5-21) it's written that daniel saw a man "clothed in linen, who waist was girded with gold of uphaz, His body was like beryl, His face like the apparience of lightning, His eyes like touches of fire, His arms and feet like burnished bronze in color and the sound of His words like the voice of multitude. Daniel said that when he saw this no strength remained in him"for my vigor was turned to frailty in me and i retained no strength, then further daniel says" suddenly a hand touched me (Y'eshua) , which made me tremble onmy knee and on the palms of my hands" Yes dear brothers and sisters when Y'eshua touch us, there's no more of us but His, as we seek His sweet face day by day; we're renewed like the eagles.
in verses 16 says" And suddenly one having the likeness of the Son of man (Y'eshua) touched my lips, then i opened my mouth. we need to come openly to recieve Him, He loves us bretheren, it's a matter of believing deeply in our hearts. in verse 18 again says" the one having the likeness of man touched me and strengthened me". if we just believe He will touch us and we will have joy in the midst of the storm. press on pray your answer is on the way; He just wants us to be happy while we go though it, if we are tempted to unbelieve, sadness, doubts, just go to the prayer closet, run put on a worship song you like and praise Him, call upon HIM , He will touch you, lastly 2corinthians 4:8-15, says " we are hard pressed on everyside, yet not crushed, we are perplexed but not dispair, persecuted but not forsaken,strucked down but not destroyed,always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Y'eshua (Jesus) that the life of Y'eshua maybe manifested in our bodies, Cheer up, He won't let you down, He will touch you life and see ya all through it, He is Faithful :)

God bless you all

prayers request

1-salvation for my father(luis flaquer)
2-healing for my mother(caridad flaquer)
3- a new job for me( i want to change)
4-be in the center of His will
5- ministries (God knows)

can i pray for you too please? send me your requests.

in Y'eshua

dalcy flaquer

Dalcy Flaquer

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 Re: be encouraged today "The Touch of Y'shua (Daniel 10)

Thanks Dalcy
I needed these words.

Mike Balog

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