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 Evan Roberts - His thoughts

"I used to be ashamed of myself at the thought that everybody was working with some object to aim at, while I had none. This made me restless and unsatisfied with everything I undertook." Evan Roberts 1903, taken from "A Diary of Revival" p.37

I can't help but feel like this man. He was just an ordinary man with no special talents, a coal miner. Evans in his diary wrote of the age that he was living, it sounded like ours.

Here was a man who wanted God far above anything. When Revival broke out, Roberts wrote, "I didn't know what to do". He felt helpless. We read about this great man of God of the Welsh revival, and to hear him write things like this, brings him down from immortality to mortal. I can relate to this man, and many of you reading this can too.

I am sure that there are many others out there besides myself that think like Evan Roberts, "I don't know what to do". You do your best from day to day, but you know in yourself that you have no talents, no special abilities to offer to the Church, yet here we are offering up nothing to the LORD. Like Kathryn Kuhlman said, "I have nothing, so take nothing, use it for your glory".

In our day most of the preachers that are out there have something to offer the Church, but I thank God that there was this simple preacher from Wales who had nothing to offer but himself and God used him. That is very encouraging.

 2007/5/12 17:28

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