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 President of Evangelical Theological Soceity

Q&A: Francis Beckwith
Former ETS president speaks about what he takes from evangelicalism back to the Roman Catholic Church.

[url=]Christianity Today interview[/url]

Karsten Nordmo

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 Re: President of Evangelical Theological Soceity

Wow, this is very sad to hear. I have read a book by Fancis Beckwith before.


Look, you're not going to come up with the Nicene Creed by just picking up the Bible.

I just think if you hold to a highly cognitive, almost legal model of justification, there is no component for God's grace working out salvation within you.

The debate over Sola Scriptura is big between Protestants and Catholics. A Catholic thinker will say, typically, "Sola Scriptura is not mentioned in the Bible." And the Protestant will say, "It's not mentioned in the Bible, but it's implied there." [b]But even if it's implied there, why should I accept it?[/b] Believers in the Qur'an believe Sola Scriptura. At some point, there has to be some connection between the church and its role and the phenomenon of Scripture. There are a lot of evangelicals who believe that and aren't Catholic. [b]But if you accept that particularly narrow view of Sola Scriptura, then it becomes almost impossible to understand the Catholic view. And I think it's a kind of axiomatic rationalism that doesn't really capture why people convert, and why people believe things.[/b]

Matthew Miskiewicz

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