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 Dead Bodies Art Exhibit in Washington D.C.


"The exhibition is owned by a publicly traded company, Premier Exhibitions, Inc., the same company that displays recovered relics from the SS Titanic. The cadavers come from China's Dalian Medical University's Plastination Laboratories, which has been accused by Chinese human rights organizations of past connections to the commercial exploitation of the bodies of executed prisoners. The Chinese lab obtains the bodies from the Chinese government but there is no information about where the Chinese government obtains them."

Bodies Exhibit Causing Controversy
Exhibit Puts Cadavers On Display

ARLINGTON, Va. -- A scientific exhibition that features real human bodies is set to open in Arlington this weekend but the exhibit has created some controversy around the country.

Supporters said that Bodies: The Exhibition, which puts cadavers on display, is designed to educate the public.

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The cadavers have been preserved in liquid silicon rubber, dissected and the skin peeled away, giving the public a glimpse at authentic lungs, hearts, livers, and brains.

It's an eerie and, some say, fascinating journey into the human body.

"Liquid rubber is pulled into the tissue and into the cells. Once inside, it's hardened so that the specimens become dry and odorless. You can color them or display them in any way that you choose," said Dr. Roy Glover, medical director of the exhibit.

The cadavers come to the Exhibition from China, officials said; they are unclaimed bodies, donated to a Chinese Medical School for educational purposes. The school then loaned the cadavers to Bodies: the Exhibition for an educational mission, officials said.

However, some opponents, such as a group of protestors in Florida last September, said they wonder if the families of the deceased were notified before the bodies were transformed in the exhibit.

"They did not give permission, but they are unclaimed bodies," said Glover. "The important thing to know is these bodies were legally received and are treated with a great deal of respect with how we display and educate the public."

Three million adults and 250,000 kids have seen the exhibition worldwide.

Some in the human rights community have questioned the ethics of the exhibit. But Glover maintains that the bodies were obtained legally and the subjects died of natural causes.

Bodies: The Exhibition opens Saturday at the Arlington Dome.

For more information about Bodies: The Exhibition, click here.

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