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 Atheist offers to send letters post-Rapture

[b]Atheist offers to send letters post-Rapture[/b]

Neither snow, nor rain, nor fire and brimstone will keep Joshua Witter from the swift completion of his appointed rounds come the end of the world.

Witter, a 24-year-old self-described atheist living in Orlando, is the creator of the Post-Rapture Post, which bills itself as "the postal service of the saved."

For as little as $4.99, Witter offers to deliver your letters to friends and loved ones left behind after the Rapture, when some Christians believe they will be whisked up to heaven while everyone else — the "Left Behind" of the popular book series — suffers a series of tribulations.

As Witter sees it, it will fall to the unsaved to serve as the postmen of the Apocalypse. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Atheist offers to send letters post-Rapture

Do you laugh or cry at the silliness?

*adds one more atheist to the prayer list*


 2007/5/10 14:18Profile

 Re: Atheist offers to send letters post-Rapture


An athiest with more sense than the pre-tribs!


 2007/5/10 14:24

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 Re: Atheist offers to send letters post-Rapture

i have read it and i dont think i understand what he says. can you explain please...

Lusayo Mhango

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An athiest with more sense than the pre-tribs!


We need to lay down the shoulder chip we have with other Christians. If Jesus can abide with Christians, so can we. I'm speaking to myself here as well. I have much to be forgiven of in this area.

Cynicism can become an unfortunate pitfall of those eager and weary to see revival. I normally wouldn't love enough to say anything, but I have come to see that cynicism is how the enemy makes ineffective the prayers of the very people most likely to pray for revival. Your fervent care for the Church, which I believe coarses through your heart with a heavy burden, should be directed in most holy prayer, and not horizontal sarcasm.

Pray for me most of all dear brother. I am wanting to lay down my bitter zeal for a hopeful vision. We need hopeful expectant hearts to pray for this generation. Without hope we might as well not even insult God with our prayers.

As EM Bounds as said...Prayer can do anything God can do.


Mike Compton

 2007/5/10 14:43Profile


"But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise..." (I COR 1:27)

Tragic irony? Or poetic justice?

I can't help myself. I'm still laughing.

 2007/5/10 14:59

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