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 Listen, Then Become His Voice

Listen, Then Become His Voice

John 1:23

"I am a voice! This is not a formula that sums up the vocation of the prophets solely, or of all those who, in the pulpit or in the tribune, by the pen or by the public discourse, exert an influence upon their contemporaries. These words are addrest to every one. They define every man, the humble yet great duty of truth that he is called to fulfil in his sphere and according to the measure of his ability.…
To become a voice we must begin by keeping still. We must listen.… Whosoever you are, brother, before letting yourself utter one word, lend your ear to that voice that seeks you, I might almost add, that implores you. Listen!… There comes a day when all voices, soft or terrible, that man has heard, grow still, to let henceforth only one be heard, which cries to him: “Go! go now and be a witness of the things you have heard! Go! I send you forth as lambs among wolves! Go! I send you toward men whose brow is harsh, whose heart is wicked, but fear nothing, I shall embolden your face, I shall give you a heart of brass and a forehead of diamond.”…
To wait and to work; to do his duty, and leave the rest to God; to journey through life, gathering truth into his heart, and then into the family, the church, the city; to be its faithful voice; this is the best use a man can make of his mortal days."
(C. Wagner, WGS)
G. Kleiser, ed., The World’s Greatest Sermons.

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