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 Alzheimer's Patients to be Microchipped (Are Your Mom or Dad Next?)

The VeriChip Corporation is planning to inject numbered microchips into 200 Alzheimer's patients in the near future. This plan raises serious ethical questions. Is it appropriate to use the most vulnerable members of society for invasive medical research? Should the company be allowed to implant microchips into people whose mental impairments mean they cannot give fully informed consent?

Microchipping people as if they were dogs or laboratory animals is dehumanizing. It violates their physical integrity and their dignity. And for millions of people around the globe, receiving a numbered mark is also one of the most serious religious violations a person can commit. This is not an act to be taken lightly.

Injecting an implant into another person's flesh without that person's full consent is as violent and invasive as rape. Simply being unable to say "no" is not the same as giving consent.

We believe what VeriChip is planning is wrong. We hope you do, too, and will help us give a voice to those vulnerable members of society who cannot speak for themselves.

May 12th Prayer Vigil
Please join us on May 12th, 2007, for a prayer vigil outside the Alzheimer's Community Care Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

VeriChip Corporation, along with AlzCare, is planning to exploit dementia patients for medical research. Unless it is stopped, they plan to implant 200 Alzheimer patients and their caregivers with subdermal microchips. CASPIAN believes that using these individuals as test subjects is wrong, and we are planning a prayer vigil in support of human dignity. We hope you will be there to join us!

Click here for more information and RSVP.


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