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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Northern Ireland enters new power-sharing era

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 Northern Ireland enters new power-sharing era

[url=]Northern Ireland's best chance for peace [/url]

[url=]Northern Ireland enters new power-sharing era[/url]

Not being particularly fond of politics in general happened upon C-Span and recognized the voice of Ian Paisley whose messages are available here, and many would recognize with the words; [i]"The church of Jesus Christ is largely sleeping"[/i] that is heard at the onset of The Revival Hymn.

This is a particularly momentous occasion the joining of two foes, arch-rivals into one formalized government. To hear Ian Paisley speak of a understanding between Protestants and Catholics in such a way as this was a lesson I could but hope those who have misgivings here would take to heart. Theirs is a long bloody history. I really do not know all that much about all the particulars to be honest but the manner that this was put forth I found endearing.

Of course I may just be completely ignorant taking all this at face value. Perhaps some of our friends from that side of the world could give us their thoughts.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Northern Ireland enters new power-sharing era

Having one of SI's own "voices" put into such a history-making position truly is great news!

Benjamin Valentine

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