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He came to me those 3 years ago saying to me: Son? You know the Bible .. Is it wrong for me to be with my first cousin in the eyes of God and his Word? I said dad, yes it is. He said well, could you show me where in the Bible it says it's wrong? He goes on to say that somebody told him to look in the book of Leviticus, where i said, yes sir in the 18th chapter of that very same book.

I hadn't read this post when I posted the Romans scripture. I hope that it didn't seem as though I was aiming it at your father. I'll definately be praying for him.

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

 2007/5/9 9:14Profile


Brother hulsey,

Your fine and thank you to you and everyone that are praying for my dad :-)

My goodness, I love this site and all my brother's and sister's on sermonindex! You are all so very precious to me. You are my true family in Christ!

Brother Julian

 2007/5/9 10:33

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
It wont be long and Pedophilia will be legal. If gays and lesbians and other freaks can say "this is the way God made me!" ... how can these same people say that pedophilia is wrong? Cuz the pedophiliac will say the same thing... "this is the way God made me!"

Reminds me of one of a Law and Order:SVU episode that I saw, where they broke a internet child sex ring, chasing a runaway child overseas. All the while, they kept coming across this one child porn "actress" (feel free to vomit if you want), and were trying to find where she was, so they could rescue her. They eventually found her, and arrested her dad. While being interviewed, he kept saying that their were more of "him" then were against it, acting as if he was being persecuted.

I remember watching this, and thinking "Dear Lord, don't let the world ever be like this." Sadly, the way I hear things like this spoken of in my workplace, from fellow employee and customer alike, and hear of the horrific degradation that is prevalent in much of the pornography these days, and I fear the era that my children are growing up in. Truly the "days are evil". :-(

Aaron Ireland

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