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 spritual authority

i dont understand what spiritual authority is...if i have spiritual authority what does that mean? what is it?

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 Re: spritual authority

Here is a couple of links;

[url=] What isn't "Speaking against God's annointed"[/url]

Couldn't recommend anything more highly in this regard. If you scroll down a bit there is a brief description and the links to Stephen Kaung's messages.

Somewhat related;

[url=]The Secret to Spiritual Power[/url]

Mike Balog

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 Re: spritual authority


coolcap2007 wrote:
i dont understand what spiritual authority is...if i have spiritual authority what does that
mean? what is it?


All spiritual authority comes from God, through Jesus, to us, and defines exactly who is inharge of what, and why.

The line of a authority is just like a military command structure, although a very simple one,nd is structured for similar reasons. The line of authority is to point out who is responsible for what, and under what circustances.

The purpose of the line of authority can be rather varied, so I will just give you a few examples to research further as your interest in the subject grows.

One common line of authority is the family group. Jesus is the top guy, then comes the husband, then the wife. But it's not as simple as it sounds. The husband is under Jesus' authority, and must treat his wife according to how Jesus treated the Church.

Jesus loves the Church. He feeds the Church spiritually.(This is all Christians, not just a certain church or denomination.) Jesus protects the Church, having died for it, rising from the grave, and acting as our advocate before the Father, sitting at the Father's right hand in God's throne.

Jesus is the example for the husband in a marriage. The husband provides for the wife, loves the wife, protects the wife, and ultimately, must be willing to die for his wife. In return, the wife owes obedience to the husband in spiritual matters, and temporal matters.(And if he's wrong, he takes the heat for it.)

However, just as a General cannot use or abuse his soldiers, neither can a husband use or abuse his wife. The husband is to love his wife as Jesus loved the Church...with kindness, patience, generousity, and a consuming passion for her. Just as Jesus put the welfare of His Church above Himself, so must a husband put his wife's health, happiness, and welfare above his own. And in return, the wife owes respect and reverance to her husband, and obedience in spiritual matters. In temporal matters, the authority becomes mutual in many ways and is too complicated to get into here.

Another line of authority is that of a Pastor of a church. The Pastor is the shepherd for his flock, and he should be spending his life trying to make things better for his flock, or congregation. Consequently, the Pastor is in charge of the church he Pastors. If you join a church, you place yourself under the Pastor's spiritual authority, and sometimes, under his temporal authority. If your Pastor asks you to do something, you should do it in most cases. When you shouldn't gets very complicated, but generally, as long as it is permitted in the scriptures, you should obey him.

From the Pastor authority is often delegated, to Elders, to a Youth minister, to a Music minister and so forth. and yes, they too have authority over you in their particular line of authority, which is spelled out by the Pastor, hopefully in writing, so that no one gets confused.

If you don't belong to a church, or are a Pastor in charge of a non-denominational church, the line of authority goes directly from Jesus to you, and He is in direct authority in every way over you. Yes, Jesus is in direct authority over everyone, but He delegates spiritual authority to humans in order to get certain things done, like work for charity, evangelizing, missionary work, and of course, teaching the Word of God regularly after devoting many years to learning how to teach people who Jesus is, and how to follow Him.

In yourself, you have no authority, unless you are called to a task by Jesus, and are given authority to do it. But every Christian is called to shine their light wherever they are, by being the best they can be at everything they do, and walk in the fruits of the Spirit at the same time. We all have the authority and the responsibility to be the best witness we can be for Jesus just in how we live. We are also responsible to speak about Jesus, and how great it is to be a Christian, and why.

As an example, I run a tiny website for the strayed members of the church, and those who are too hurt, or too wounded to trust going back to the church that hurt them. I just talk about Jesus in an article a week, sometimes two. But I can't get a dozen words down on paper without the Holy Spirit giving me the ability to write on a certain topic. He will literally make it impossible for me to write anything, unless I am writing what He wants. Since I have no Pastor over me, I have to be willing to listen carefully for guidance from God, because only through Him do I have the ability to write, teach, and succeed.

I could write in my own strength if I were stupid enough to try and fight Jesus, but I'm not. And certainly not as a teacher with authority and responsibility to teach. And the proof of the authority is whether my site will survive, find regular followers that find a benefit spiritually there until they can find a church to suit them, or if they can't, to teach enough that with their Bible and their Christian friends they can still grow, and mature as Christians.

Does the authority show? Well, the site continues to grow, and I continue to let the Holy Spirit run my site. If I ever get stupid enough to think I am doing more than providing fingers and a little time to God's messages, I know the site will die.

What is your authority? You'll have to ask God what He wants you to do. If you're married, you need to study authority and submission in marriage, for the submission goes both ways. Do you feel called to be a Pastor? An Evangelist? Go for it. But remember the line of authority comes with a line of responsibility attached to it.

If you don't belong to a church, you report directly to Jesus, and you had better be really good at paying attention to that 'still, small voice' of the Holy Spirit, and obeying it.

Everything else you need to know about authority is on the links in the original post by Crsschk.



Forrest Anderson

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 Re: spritual authority

Just a note to commmend, as Mike, Stephen Kuang's series on this topic.

Ron Bailey

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