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 Would these satisfy you?-Alleine

Would these satisfy you?

by Alleine-

Go to the garden of pleasure,
and gather all the fragrant flowers there,
would these satisfy you?

Go to the treasures of mammon--
suppose you may carry away as much as you desire.

Go to the towers, to the trophies of honor.
What do you think of being a man of renown, and
having a name like the name of the great men of the earth?

Would any of these, would all of these satisfy you,
and make you to count yourself happy?
If so, then certainly you are carnal and unconverted.

If not, go farther; wade into the divine excellencies,
the store of His mercies, the hiding of His power,
the depths unfathomable of His all-sufficiency.

Does this suit you best and please you most?
Do you say, "It is good to be here--
Here will I pitch, here will I live and die?"

Will you let go of the world, and cling to Christ?
Then it is well between God and you-- happy are you,
O man- happy are you that ever you were born.

All of Christ is accepted by the sincere convert.
He loves not only the wages, but the work of Christ;
not only the benefits, but the burden of Christ.
He is willing not only to tread out the corn,
but to draw under the yoke.

He takes up the commands of Christ, yes, the cross of Christ.
The unsound convert takes Christ by halves.
He is all for the salvation of Christ,
but he is not for the sanctification.


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