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 The whole armor of God - William Gurnail- have you read it?

i remember picking the book about 3 years ago, only to read a few pages (most likely 1 or 2) and was automatically convicted i was not ready and worthy to read. so it has always been on my mind but i have never went back to read it.
i want to ask:
a) has anybody read it before?
b) what's the method that Gurnail uses to expound on the passage? does he have some anecdotal evidence(experiential) or is it a pure biblical exegisis?

i feel i am close to being able to pick it up and read it again, i just don't know when. i still want to sit and feel and understand more about the nature of my sin, especially in the area of lust and sex( i am so weak in this area, but by His mercy have been having victory lately).
any comments of experiences is appreciated...

 2007/4/30 7:33

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 Re: The whole armor of God - William Gurnail- have you read it?

Some may think your question odd, but having started the book myself I think I understand what you are saying…or asking.

We are all on different plateaus of our spiritual journey and what is right for one of us may very well be too much for the next. This book, as you noticed in only a few pages, is very profound. The truth Gurnall exposes can easily knock you over; I was staggered by certain passages for days.

You mentioned being ready. I don’t know what you are ready for and if you are at a place in which God can speak to you though this book. You will have to let us know the answer to this question. I have read some books that really didn't speak to me...a year later it blew me away.

I will say that I think some Christians never advance far enough in their walk to be able to glean much from this book. I will be reading it at times for the rest of my days and will probably never truly gain all this book has to offer. It really is heavy…so to speak.

As for Gurnall’s method used I’m not smart enough to say. But I can say he was guided by the Holy Spirit, and what ever else method he employed worked well.

When I first started reading some of the older and more profound classic Christian books I wondered how they did it. There is nothing being written like it today…why?

I think it is because we cannot go back in time. A time with no CNN and Court TV. A time without cell phones and microwaves. No sports gods/idols.

These writers of old did not have the massive distractions we are faced with today, and it shows in their writing. They can say more in one sentence then many modern day Christians can say in a chapter.


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