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 Pray for Mary Peckham

I received this email from the Peckhams this afternoon. Please do pray for Mrs. Peckham as she recovers from her illness.


Breaking News !


Mary endured a dreadful three days and nights of vomiting this week. Doctors thought that it could be something akin to gastro-enteritis. She was seriously weakened by it all.
On Friday morning (yesterday), she woke up totally confused and incoherent, not able to to put even a few words together. The doctor came and ordered an ambulance, but even before it came she had collapsed into unconsciousness for several minutes. She was taken immediately to St. John's Hospital, Livingstone, where all sorts of tests were done. Her blood was found to be seriously deficient in sodium and potassium. She was immediately placed on special drips and this intravenous feeding brought her back to normality again. She can now hold a normal conversation as before!
It was established that she had not suffered a stroke or a brain bleed, which was a great relief.
A lumber puncture investigation revealed that she has viral meningitis. This is different to the dangerous bacterial meningitis and it seems that the type which she has, under normal circumstances, simply clears itself up in due course.
These have been traumatic and startling days and we just thank the Lord that the damage has not been as bad as it first appeared.
Fortunately Joey, Mary's sister from Skye, a retired nurse, is spending a few days with us and is a tower of strength at this time.
Mary will probably get home in a few days time, but will need to go very carefully for some time before she is fully restored.
We would appreciate your prayer support.
Thank you for your friendship in the Lord,
Colin & Mary Peckham
Scotland, UK

 2007/4/28 19:17

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Pray for Mary Peckham

Was just listening to her testimony and account of the Welsh Revival this morning ... [url=]Mary Peckham[/url]

Will pray certainly.

[i]Edit: Correction, that would be the Hebrides Revival[/i]

Mike Balog

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Viral can still be dangerous. Am!



Forrest Anderson

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Duplicate post - Apologies, hit a server error.

Forrest Anderson

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 Re: Update

Here is an update on Mrs. Peckham:

7th May, 2007



It is now two weeks since Mary began to feel decidedly unwell.
She was admitted to hospital on Friday, 27th April, diagnosed with low quantities of sodium and potassium in her blood. This was corrected by drips but she was further declared to have been assailed by viral memengitis. She was cared for and came home on Wednesday, 2nd May.

This is a serious attack on the brain and has differing measures of intensity in different people, the consequences of which vary in damage and degree. Most are fully restored and can continue in life just where they left off, but all endure a very slow and uncomfortable recovery process, lasting probably between three and four months.

In addition to this she caught a cold in the hospital and subsequently also has an infection. It would seem that her resistance level is very low and she moves around the house carefully and slowly.

We would appreciate further prayer on her behalf, that the menengitis will not take a nasty turn but that she will be stengthened and brought through to full recovery as soon as possible. Our daughter Heather is here with us at the moment.

Thank you for your concern and prayers for her.
Please continue to remember her before the throne of grace.
Yours in His love and service

Mary & Colin Peckham

 2007/5/8 9:09


Praise the Lord that Mrs. Peckham is on the road to recovery. Here are a few words from her concerning her illness:


This will be my first attempt at letter writing since the commencement of my recent illness, but I am compelled to let you know how much I appreciate the volume of prayer offered on my behalf and also to encourage you by letting you know that the Lord is answering your prayers and that there is a definite improvement in my condition.

It looks as if the road to recovery is a slow one, maybe a few months - but the presence of the Lord throughout this time has been very precious.

We have been overwhelmed by your expressions of concern in the letters, e-mails, lovely cards, all of which I have read. Flowers and other practical expressions of your love have deeply touched our hearts. Phone calls from different parts of the UK and abroad have made us realise afresh the precious privilege we have in belonging to the blood-bought family of the Lord. I feel very unworthy of all this attention.

There is a saying in Gaelic which I know you will appreciate and it goes like this: "I am glad I thatched my house before the storm came!" When I could not concentrate on reading the scriptures because of my illness I could spend hours night and day going over in my mind the chapters I had memorised over the past fifty years - and what a comfort this was in the ensuing storm. One of my favourites was Ps. 27.

Thank you for all you mean to Colin and me, and all you have meant to us through this time.

Love in the Lord,


Dr Colin Peckham
1 Kilpunt Gardens, Broxburn, EH52 5AT
Scotland, UK

 2007/5/22 17:30

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