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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Evangelical Leader Blasts Churches' Gender-Neutral Language

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How sad, that we miss so many good opportunities to proclaim our Lord and Savior to a dying world. Too many evangelicals prefer to squabble or defend the rightness of "their" side.

I disagree with your premise. First off, Mohler's "side" is the true, biblical definition of Lord. I believe he did a great job of standing up for truth.

Secondly, how (in your opinion) should Mohler have responded? Should he have said he disagreed with them but still supported their efforts to proclaim Jesus? This is his point, if they teach and preach a different Jesus than what is presented in scripture then they are idolaters proclaiming to be Christians. It is one thing for a new-age cult to talk about worshiping the 'all loving mother', but it is an entirely different story when a "Christian" church does the same.

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