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 can there be more than one?

we live in a busy world full of people rushing about here and there . . . always lines, groups, and more people.

but each of us makes our way on our own and we all have to live with choices and the consequences of our acts.

this world cranks out many people clinging to others for sustenance.

but in reality, there is only one, our individual selves.

this is the reality for all humans until you come to participate in numbers of two or more, waiting expectantly upon the Holy Spirit, as Scriptures promise.

years ago, experiencing what Quakers call the "gathered Meeting," where the Holy Spirit is clearly present and speaks to the condition of many of those gathered was one of those events that showed me that there is always more than one. it also made Scriptures so much more real and alive.

i write this to remind preachers of the Word that there needs to be room for the Holy Spirit to speak from the gathering itself. (lest it be crowded out.)

(i'm also writing this to remind myself that i haven't been attending Meeting enough lately.)



 2007/4/24 23:20

 Re: can there be more than one?

Bubbaguy wrote:

can there be more than one?

Hi brother, you've chosen this heading to be the title of your thread, but I am trying to figure out from reading your post, what are you trying to say in conjunction with the title? Can there be more than one what? Thanks

 2007/4/25 6:38

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