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Yes, I believe in eternal security of the believer in that those who are truly saved persevere to the end.

And on that point... we do agree.

It's very "in vogue" on this forum to deny eternal security. Thats why I asked.


 2007/4/25 16:01


What is eternal security? Do you mean the whole thing regarding the 'once saved always saved' debate?

 2007/4/25 16:11




 2007/4/25 16:20

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Krispy, I'm shocked! You believe in eternal security? ;-)



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Despite my better judgment, I am listening to more of James Knox.

First, this is kind of funny and kind of sad. He says that Calvin was a Catholic priest who expounded upon the work of Jerome. He confuses Jerome with Augustine. It was not [url=]Jerome[/url] who wrote about the doctrine of Predestination it was [url=]Augustine[/url].

Now Krispy, you expect me to believe this person has seriously studied this issue when he makes (and never corrects as far as I know) such a serious, fundamental error? It is like me giving a sermon on the King James translation and saying it was created by Jerome.

A woman gets raped, God made him do it.

Sorry, but this is disgusting.

Forgive me Lord, for listening to this again, I should have known better.

 2007/5/18 19:35Profile


Ananias and Saphirra were believers, however they dropped dead for lying to the holy Ghost.

What happened to their lives? They lied to the holy Ghost, which means that those who loveth and maketh a lie will not be in the New Jerusalem.

How does the Once Saved Always Saved apply this couple??


 2007/5/18 19:55

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If anyone would like a pure unbiased presentation of the History and Theology of Calvinism it can be found here
[url=]History and Theology of Calvinism by Dr Curt Daniel[/url]

This is for krisp
[url=]A Defense of Calvinism by Spurgeon[/url]

Love ya bro, just thought you should see this

patrick heaviside

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Calvinism shoots well, but still misses the point, falling short of Biblical truth. The reason for this being is that the idea did not originate with God, and it is taken from a half-blind vision of the revelation that God has given.

"Spirit of God... teach us."

 2007/5/18 21:32Profile

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