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 Re: Praise the Lord! North Carolinians take a stand for the Lord!

The ACLU is stupid, you can't invoke the name of Jesus Christ in a prayer, what is the purpose of the prayer? Who are they praying too? Their own wisdom is sheer foolishness! :-x

 2007/4/26 17:17


Yea... thats the part I cant figure out. We're allowed to pray, but not to any god in particular?

This is what the gentleman who started the whole conflict stated to Channel 13 on Monday evening after the meeting:

"I'm not opposed to having prayer. It's the naming of any one religion in that prayer."

Well... uhmmm... what is it if it isnt naming a religion? Poetry? I mean, how stupid.

The good thing about the new policy is that it protects everyones right to pray to whatever god they believe in.

Here's how the new policy works... one commissioner will pray before each meeting, each commissioner will be allowed to pray before the meeting starts, and it will be on a rotating basis. No commissioner can pray more times than any of the other 4 in a calendar year.

As a private citizen, they have the right to pray "according to the dictates of their own heart". In other words, if they believe in Jesus, they can pray in the name of Jesus. If they are a Muslim, they can pray in the name of Allah.

So if the people of Transylvania County decide to vote in a Muslim, then when he prays in the name of Allah... well, you get what you ask for.

But this way, it's Constitutional, therefore legal.

It so happens that all 5 county commissioners are born again spirit-filled believers in Jesus Christ.

I love how this turned out tho. The gentleman who stirred this up and called in the ACLU obviously wanted to stop Christian prayer in governmental meetings. As the old policy dictated, the prayer they were already offering was "non-sectarian", meaning they were not supposed to pray in the name of anyone. However, some commissioners admit that they did anyway.

So the ACLU makes their threats, and the gentleman in question brought his protest... and the commissioners turned the tables on the gentleman and the ACLU... rewrote the policy... and can now Constitutionally pray in the name of Jesus!


You gotta love that.


 2007/4/27 8:03

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
I hope the changes made will withstand legal challenge, and if not, be re-written until it does.

Actually, there was a Christian legal defense organization that came in and helped the commissioners in drafting the new rules concerning prayer. This was done to avoid legal problems with it in the future. And in actuality, the new wording gives them even [b]more[/b] freedom.

Basically, as long as the prayer is done [b]before[/b] the gavel drops and opens the meeting, any individual on the council can pray as a private citizen to the God of their choosing. It just so happens that the entire council is made up of godly men. And they have all committed to praying in Jesus name.

If a Muslim should ever be elected to the council, then he is free to pray in the name of Allah. And thats how it should be.

Thank the Lord the county had wisdom to elect believers to the council.


And smart one's too, to call in the big guns on law regarding Constitutionality.

You can imagine my dismay at living in California and watching the Ninth Circuit continuously overturn what we vote in.

And most cities and counties already folded on the objections to their seals. I mean, God forbid there should be a cross on a seal where a Spanish Mission was founded, much less on a memorial that's been around for ages!

I keep wondering if they're going to change the state capitol from Sacremento to San Francisco, just so they can have all the Judges in the right place.

I guess they can't change the name of the city - too big, and then there's that song...

Of course they could re-write it, but Elton John would have to sing it for it to mean anything, and at least he's got a good voice. He'd even do a good rewrite on the song, but I think they'd have to kill the tune, and then where would we be?

In California, of course, where this S.P. thought runs wild!

Glad the law worked for your town.



Forrest Anderson

 2007/4/27 10:55Profile


Well, here in the mountains of the South, we have a long standing tradition of not liking outsiders coming in and imposing their will on us. It started with the British... continued thru the War Against Northern Aggression (the Civil War)... held true thru "Reconstruction"... and lasts even until today.

Granted, during the 1960's there were definately changes that needed to be made, and sometimes those changes havent gone far enough in my opinion...

But folks here will stand up and will say "no" when it is time to say "no". And loudly. There is a fighting spirit here, and if we dont stand up against the ACLU, and organizations like it, then sin will completely take over our country, and it will be it's destruction.

When Christians take a stand against this type of threat to our freedoms, and for Christian values, we're actually doing the unbelievers a huge favor... we're actually keeping God's wrath from hitting us all with full force.

They can thank me later.

It really made me proud to be a part of this community here in Western NC.


 2007/4/27 11:06

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