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 Praise the Lord! North Carolinians take a stand for the Lord!

I am so pumped up this morning, folks. I dont live in Transylvania County, NC... I live in the next county over, but I am involved with several churches in that county.

The Transylvania County Board of Commissioners has been opening their meetings with prayer for some times now. Recently a man by the name of Jim Null moved to Transylvania County from Houston TX, and within 3 days of his moving here he filed a complaint with the ACLU about the Commissioners opening their meetings with prayer, specifically to Jesus Christ.

As it turns out, Mr. Null is a member of the ACLU, PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), and Americans for the Seperation of Church and State. According to sodomite newspapers in Houston, part of the reason the Nulls moved here was to impact our area concerning sodomite issues.

At any rate... the county commissioners had a meeting at the courthouse last night... and over a thousand people showed up! My two older sons and I went, and were one of 400 that actually were able to be in the meeting. The rest of the people had "church" out on the courthouse lawn.

It was just incredible. They had 12 or 14 citizens speak during public comment... all in favor of keeping the prayer.

Here is the article in the Hendersonville newspaper...

Be sure to read the article... this was an extremely inspiring event, and a victory for a community that is standing up to the Anti Christian Litigation Unit (ACLU)... Christians standing up and saying "No, we will not deny the Lord Jesus Christ!"

I'm actually in the picture of the crowd in the courthouse, but I cant make me out too well. I'm in the back on the right side of the picture.

At any rate... [b]PRAISE THE LORD!![/b]

All of the county commissioners are born again Spirit filled believers.

Hope some of my excitement rubs off on everyone who reads this.


 2007/4/24 8:14

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Southern California

 Re: Praise the Lord! North Carolinians take a stand for the Lord!


This is marvellous! And I love your definition of the ACLU (Anti Christian Litigation Unit)!

I hope the changes made will withstand legal challenge, and if not, be re-written until it does.

Blessings on all of you for standing up for our God.


Forrest Anderson

 2007/4/24 9:11Profile

 Re: Praise the Lord! North Carolinians take a stand for the Lord!

Praise God! That is awesome. I rejoice with you.

We need more men and women in office who will unashamedly stand up like these officials in this town did.

 2007/4/24 9:13


I hope the changes made will withstand legal challenge, and if not, be re-written until it does.

Actually, there was a Christian legal defense organization that came in and helped the commissioners in drafting the new rules concerning prayer. This was done to avoid legal problems with it in the future. And in actuality, the new wording gives them even [b]more[/b] freedom.

Basically, as long as the prayer is done [b]before[/b] the gavel drops and opens the meeting, any individual on the council can pray as a private citizen to the God of their choosing. It just so happens that the entire council is made up of godly men. And they have all committed to praying in Jesus name.

If a Muslim should ever be elected to the council, then he is free to pray in the name of Allah. And thats how it should be.

Thank the Lord the county had wisdom to elect believers to the council.


 2007/4/24 9:40

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 Re: Praise the Lord! North Carolinians take a stand for the Lord!

Praise the Lord!!!! This story is exciting in itself, but let me tell you why I find this so WONDERFUL: This Transilvania County experienced a GLORIOUS revival in the 1950's at Turkey Creek Baptist Church. I have a first hand account of the revival by the pastor at the time, J.D. Brogdon, who has since gone on to glory.

I wonder how many of those council members where present during that revival????

 2007/4/26 9:39Profile


I dont think very many of them... I think one of the council members is in his 50's. The rest are my age. (Late 30's early 40's)


 2007/4/26 9:44

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 Re: Praise the Lord! North Carolinians take a stand for the Lord!

Praise God!

I have family in Winston-Salem and Rock Hill, SC

 2007/4/26 9:47Profile


...thats about 4 or 5 hours from here.

There is a similar thing going on in Durham, NC, which is not far from Winston-Salem.


 2007/4/26 10:02

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 Re: Praise the Lord! North Carolinians take a stand for the Lord!

I was there, too. I live in Lake Toxaway, NC, and was blown away by the dignified, Godly way everyone behaved. We sang "We Shall Not be Moved", "How Great Thou Art", "Amazing Grace" (twice), and several other hymns. We saluted the American Flag, sang Battle Hymn of the Republic, National Anthem, America the Beautful and God Bless America.

Every square inch of the sidewalk (and one lane of the street), every bit of the lawn of the Courthouse was covered with people of all ages protesting (quietly) this...person who took it upon himself to disrupt our Christian Community with his and his wife's antics. The event was covered by Asheville TV's channel 13 and was broadcast as the lead story that night and the next morning.

What was even more amazing is that the huge crowd of more than 1100 was formed ONLY by the church networking, because there was ZERO publicity about this. It was a God-thing, for sure.

The event was a roaring success with a 5-0 vote AGAINST Null's desire to ban prayer at the meetings. This kind of thing must happen all over the country to be effective; small towns should not be bullied by the ACLU because Christians have the ACLJ and the ADF, to name only two. And both work pro-bono to defend Christians wherever they come under attack. Such groups need your support.

The ACLU lies by saying that such prayers are "unconstitutional" They also twist the "separation of church and state" (which does not exist, by the way) to start these local fights. The ACLU claims to want "religious freedom for everyone." What they really want is freedom FROM religion for everyone. But they are losing a LOT of cases recently because Christians are sick of being persecuted in their own country, a country founded on Christian principles.

So get out there and support your town the next time the ACLU steps out of bounds. And there will be a next time. They are not going away. But neither are WE!

So if this kind of thing is threatened in your town (they love picking on small towns they think will cave in under the threat of huge lawsuits), contact the ACLJ or the ADF; they will help. GOD BLESS my fellow North Carolinians and God Bless America!

 2007/4/26 15:49Profile


Lake Toxaway, NC? We're practically neighbors... but I cant afford to live in Lake Toxaway... lol.

I put up a thread this morning about the ACLU's reaction to the meeting Monday night. It was in the Hendersonville paper this morning. I cant find the thread... so I'll post the link here.

Basically the gentleman who started all of this has conceded that there is nothing he can do now because his "gut feeling" is that the prayer policy is legal. Aw shucks... can you imagine a bunch of us hillbilly's actually beat the ACLU?

Here's the link:

This is a great victory for Christians all over the country, not just here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

M2... too bad we didnt make contact before Monday. I would have let you stand beside me in the courtroom. You were better off outside tho, it was pretty hot in there.


 2007/4/26 16:12

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